Saturday, February 12, 2011


I feel like today was a victory. As much as possible we treated Malachi like a normal five year old boy, and he was seizure free yet again. I wish I didn't react every time he trips, or makes a jerky movement but every move he makes that reminds me of a seizure makes my heart do two things, stop and then race.

John said that they decided to do the MRI with out contrast and would refund us $300 from the $800 that we paid. However, the Dr might decide we have to go back and do one with contrast anyway. I hope not because that would mean that he would need an IV and try putting a needle next to Malachi, it makes him freak out. Today during the preparation the MRI technician pulled out a syringe that had a needle to measure the sleeping medicine for Malachi. We all thought it was going to be a shot and he was crying so hard, he was so scared. He stopped as soon as he was told it was only for measurement.

My wonderful girlfriend did come sit with me, and I needed her at times. She gave me a big hug when she arrived and it was perfect, I needed it. Malachi walked out five minutes short of two hours after I left the imaging center. I was so happy to see him walking out of there, and he had his mind on one He'd been fasting so he was so hungry. He had a snickers bar and a box of orange juice for breakfast.

Today was a pretty normal Saturday after that. We napped, hung out, went out for dinner, did a bit of shopping, ate cupcakes (the last three items will be discussed more in the next blog post which will be dedicated solely to my amazing 1 year old), Skyped with Grandma and went to bed a little late.

Tomorrow we're hoping for a chill day, and then we have more testing again on Monday.

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Becky said...

I hope the weekend continues seizure free!