Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011 Seizure Count up by 2

Today when we picked up Malachi from his friends house after work we fell as he was trying to get into the car and when I looked back I noticed his eyes looked a little strange, and then he blinked, got up and answered our question of whether or not he was ok (he said yes).

Tonight shortly after he finished his sucker (he loves those btw Grandma and Grandpa), we were watching TV and he started making a noise. Neither John or I thought anything of it, but I glanced at him anyway and told John he was having a seizure. We got him on his side on the couch and let it run its course. It was about a minute long and even though I think it was a grand mal (now called tonic clonic) his body wasn't in it. It was just his head and face. His mouth was moving as well, and he was making a gasping like noise.

After he was done seizing he did a lot of groaning and he moved around a lot. By that I mean he got off the couch and was trying to walk. At one point he was sitting on the floor and moving forward. He certainly didn't seem alert at this time, and he continued to groan. Simon was around for all of this, and I'm sure he didn't know what to make of it. I think he wanted to play with Malachi during the seizure. Afterwards Simon still wanted to play with Malachi. Simon was grabbing hair and even was going for his eye lashes (he loves eye lashes). Malachi didn't notice because he was in the postictal state and was basically asleep.

Malachi in sleeping and John calling the neurologist.
John did get him to respond verbally to a question after he was all done moving around and had been still for a couple of minutes. We then let him go to sleep for the night. Every once in a while he would make a noise that sounds a bit like a hiccup.

John called the neurologist on his cell phone and explained the situation. The Dr said that tomorrow we need to go in in the morning and that we'll probably go see another Dr at another hospital. The first Dr., Dr. S. said we might need to add a second medicine. We'll see what testing is done tomorrow, hopefully it's not traumatic for Malachi. We'll both go to the appointment if our nanny is here before hand, I'll wait with Simon and then take a taxi if she's not.

Malachi's going to sleep with us tonight because I think it will wake John up if he starts seizing again since he usually makes noise. I think I'd sleep through it, but maybe not tonight.

We'll keep everyone updated on how he's doing tomorrow, and let y'all know what the Dr.s say.


Becky said...

Oh no Sara! I will keep your little man in our prayers.

Camille said...

Poor little guy. I hope he stops doing this - or at least that you are able to find some kind of underlying cause. Seizures are terrifying (and believe me, I know. I'm a neurosurgery nurse). Our prayers are with your little guy!

Sadie said...

Sara, this is beyond scary, and I'm so sorry you're going through this. Sending lots of hugs and hoping Malachi starts feeling better and is seizure-free soon. You seem amazingly calm - I am amazed by you!

McDaniel Family (John, Nicole and Luca) said...

Oh Sara - so sorry to hear about Malachi's recurring seizures. We're thinking of you guys and sending lots of positive energy to you all "up north"

Just US said...

How incredibly scary! Good luck at the Dr.'s! Hopefully things get straightened out soon. We are sending lots of prayers your direction.