Saturday, September 27, 2008

favorite things

I remember when I was a kid I would love to crunch things under my feet. Crunchy snow was one of my favorite things. I don't have that here, but every fall I do really have something that's great. Right outside our apartment is a huge oak tree and in the fall acorns fall. These are baby acorns that I'm sure would be going into the ground and planting new trees but they're falling on hard dirt/rocks and concrete; as well as cars, roofs, and random items on peoples decks. I LOVE to crunch the acorns that have fallen on the ground. I do feel like a kid again and with an almost three year old sometimes that's ok.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Couldn't wait, toddlers, new jobs, and more

I just couldn't wait for the clot to come out on it's own. I coaxed it out last night. It caused me a considerable amount of pain but by this morning the hole was much smaller and the pain has decreased so much I haven't used any kind of pain reliever today.

Today I got to work with the Toddlers, they're so much fun! One more week in the pre-school as a floater and then on the 29th I start as the admin asst. to the head of media on campus. I'm looking forward to my new job, but I will miss the kids.

Malachi's been doing well lately. He's learning his numbers, alphabet, days of the week and all kinds of other things at school. We're surprised everyday by how smart he is and how much he retains. I guess we shouldn't be, but we just are.

John got a laptop with his school loans this semester. It's really nice and it's so great to have. I'm so happy for him that he'll have this so he can take it to the library or Starbucks or somewhere when he needs to get out of the house to study.

The weather here is finally cooling down yay! Today's high was supposed to be about 85 and that's warmer than the other days this week. It's been so nice. I think that in TX my favorite time of the year is fall.

Welp, I'm off to eat lunch.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

third molar extractions

For us lay people that means wisom teeth extractions.

The blood clot never came out of the one socket, but it's quite loose and bothers me to no end. I can't wait until it just naturally comes out.

Today I've used no pain medication and have eaten some solid foods, yay! I've had pizza and cereal. Using just my front teeth to chew proves to be quite a challenge. Also I try to keep the food out from the extraction sites. Overall eating is much more difficult than it's ever been for me. I'll be really happy to be back to normal in a week.

I took today off again to get more rest, and I did take a 45 minute nap before Malachi came home and then I'll take another one during his nap time. Thank God he still takes naps :)

Well, I'm off to eat more pizza :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dry Socket

Yesterday I had my wisdom teeth removed and today one of the blood clots is having a hard time staying in place. I have to go back to the office today at 3:15 to have them look at it. I feel really icky too. The pain killers really do help with most of the pain, but they make me nausious and loopy. Oh well, I guess it's a small price to pay because the pain does get pretty bad.

Oh btw molars are huge! I had no idea they were so big. And the tooth fairy visited our house for the first time! I got FRIENDS season 9 yay!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You know you're a mom when...'re nightmares consist of your child pooping in his pants. was a nightmare. I woke up disoriented and upset, really upset actually. Malachi's doing really well up north with his grandparents, and I'm afraid when he gets back here, he's going to have lots of messes.

They're teaching him to use the big boy bed. We got him a little one to use when he gets home, until we get the one we really want. This is such a great blessing on John and I that they're teaching him this. Of course, they're not in his room with the temptation of his toys all around. :)

Well, I woke up for work late today...guess I should get going.