Friday, March 20, 2009


John is under investigation right now for his Top Secret Security Clearance. The investigator has contacted him and they're working on the clearance, and it sounds like it's moving quite quickly.

He's meeting the investigator on Tuesday morning, and after that I think he'll either meet with or call me to ask some questions. I'm a little nervous. I tend to not know what to say at the time of something big. I then think of it after I'm done talking to that person. Oh well. I really think God wants John in this profession and it's been Him carrying us through this process. So I guess I can't screw it up :)

Malachi's getting his hair cut tomorrow, yay! Also I think I'm going to take him to the zoo. We haven't been in a really long time.

I've kind of slacked at the gym this week because I'm trying to figure out something with my right knee. I think it's best if I go to the gym and walk. Don't run, and don't skip the gym. I really think that's best for it. Keeps it loose and what not.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sick :(

John had a cold last week that we thought may delay our date. It didn't because John was better by Friday. The date was great! He did get me a present, a new phone woohoo!

Three out of four of the sushi rolls were really good, we'll definitely be going back there again. The play was very funny, there were a few times where I laughed so loud someone from the cast looked at me.

I woke up yesterday with John's cold, so did Malachi in fact. This morning my temperature was 100.8. I hope it burns away the cold! My ears and head hurt. It's too bad because I don't think I can rest very easily. Also I'm still having back problems. I think there's a knot in my back on the left side but John couldn't find it yesterday when he was massaging.

We're not going to church today, I'm sure we'll just laze around the house. Hopefully I'll be better by tomorrow so I can work. I went to the gym on Friday morning, but haven't been back since. I'm trying to do well in the eating department since I'm not exercising.

I just found out that Malachi has a temperature of 99.9. That means we wont be going to school/work tomorrow. He has to be fever free for 24 hours before he can go to school. I think I hear John cutting up fruit. We went to Central Market yesterday to buy some get healthy food. I love fruit so much, I can't wait!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

That's heard me. Today we're celebrating Valentines Day. We decided last year that Feb. 14th was too expensive, the restaurants too crowded, and the day just was not very meaningfull. March 14th however, is less expensive, less crowded, and actually means something to us. It's the anniversary of when John got on bended knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Yep, 8 years ago tomorrow he proposed. It's crazy for me to think that it's been that long. Wow!

My in-laws are coming down today (in face they've already landed and are probably on the way to get their rental car) and my mother-in-law is going to stay with us tonight so we can have free babysitting, yay! Thanks so much Mickey!

We have a 6 o'clock reservation at Reikyu Sushi & Bar. We've been doing Sushi a lot lately. We're into the rolls of course, I'm not bold enough to go for the big raw stuff. I did have a roll in Austin that had spicy tuna on top though and that was pretty good. Then we're going to the Pocket Sandwich Theatre to see Rumors by Neil Simon. I'm pretty excited about the date over all.

I haven't gotten him a present. I don't know if he got me one. I hope not.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh yeah!

I'm going to the gym again. I am just getting too fat. Sarah Roy (the other one) made the same realization about herself and got motivated (although her 7 lbs sounds a lot easier than my 30). Her motivation has motivated me, that and all the fat. I was looking really good with my 12 lb loss when I was training for the 5k last winter. I'm not training anymore, but as I told John last night "I'm ready to be hot again." I told him that I'd like to be a size 8 again, like I was in High School. However, with my body changes since having a child, that might be a bit unrealistic. But since I got up to a 16 at my biggest time, even a 10 is going to look super skinny. I just can't wait!

I'm doing cardio and weights. Today when I was on a mechine called the Chin/Dip and it broke while I was on it. No serious injuries just a small bruise on my right arm and a med. sized (and painful) bruise on my left.

I'll let y'all (that's right! I live in TX people!) know how it goes.


John and I got the rest of our results from the lab work and chest x-rays yesterday. There's a spot on his x-ray that looks like scarring. I told our nurse that he had Asthma growing up and she said that could be it. It's possible the scar tissue has been there since he was a kid and we've just never seen it before because of no chest x-rays before. They recommended another x-ray in three months. John's hoping that they'll let him go in sooner than that, but I'm thinking they'll make him wait that long.

I have a bit of a curve in my spine that may be caused by an underlying case of Scoliosis. Apparently Scoliosis is really common and occures during puberty. So I've had this for 13 or 14 years with no ill effects. The nurse didn't even mention it to me on the phone yesterday. John told me after the reports were faxed to him. So apparently it's nothing to worry about. I'm not worried anyway.

All of our blood work came back great. In fact my numbers were awesome! There's a history of high cholesterol in my family so I was worried, but my numbers are amazing.

We should be able to send all of this work into the Department of State tomorrow.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

For Mom

The appointments weren't nearly as bad as we anticipated! The thing we were most scared of wasn't required because we're not old enough for those tests. Our joy was great to find that out.

We were at the medical building for five hours. We started out at the doctors office for John's and my physicals. He went in first and Malachi and I waited. Then after a while I went in with Malachi and the nurse did all the vitals and what not which Malachi really enjoyed watching. Then John joined us in my room and we waited for the doctor to get some paperwork for John to get his labs done. John and Malachi left after he came in and went go get John's blood drawn while my physical was done. Every thing looks good on me he said. After my physical was done it was my turn to have my blood drawn. After that we went down to the Imaging Center for our chest x-rays. We had been there for almost three hours and Malachi still hadn't had his physical done yet. He was being such a good boy, but he was a bit restless. John took him up three floors to his pediatricians office and used their waiting room because of the toys, fish, and movies. After I was done with my x-rays I went up to join them and John left for his x-rays. He'd been gone half an hour when we finally got into the peds exam room. Twenty minutes after that John joined us in the exam room and told me that they wanted to see me for another x-ray. Ten minutes later Malachi's doctor came in and did the exam saying Malachi looks great. While John and Malachi were getting Malachi's blood drawn, I went down to get my other x-ray taken. The radiology tech said that when the doctor (not mine, but a radiologist) looked at my original x-ray she noticed a curve in my spine. So either, I was standing crooked or I have a curve in my spine, so they wanted to check with another x-ray. When I got back to the lobby John and Malachi were already down and Malachi showed me his bandaged arm from the blood being taken. He was very sad they took his blood.

Finally at 12:30 we walked out. It had been a very long day and we were all quite exhausted. John and I have to go back on Monday to have our TB tests read at the doctors office and to get all the results back from the x-rays and the labs. After we get all that paperwork, it'll all be sent in and we'll have done the Medical Clearance work about five weeks before it was due.