Sunday, March 1, 2009

For Mom

The appointments weren't nearly as bad as we anticipated! The thing we were most scared of wasn't required because we're not old enough for those tests. Our joy was great to find that out.

We were at the medical building for five hours. We started out at the doctors office for John's and my physicals. He went in first and Malachi and I waited. Then after a while I went in with Malachi and the nurse did all the vitals and what not which Malachi really enjoyed watching. Then John joined us in my room and we waited for the doctor to get some paperwork for John to get his labs done. John and Malachi left after he came in and went go get John's blood drawn while my physical was done. Every thing looks good on me he said. After my physical was done it was my turn to have my blood drawn. After that we went down to the Imaging Center for our chest x-rays. We had been there for almost three hours and Malachi still hadn't had his physical done yet. He was being such a good boy, but he was a bit restless. John took him up three floors to his pediatricians office and used their waiting room because of the toys, fish, and movies. After I was done with my x-rays I went up to join them and John left for his x-rays. He'd been gone half an hour when we finally got into the peds exam room. Twenty minutes after that John joined us in the exam room and told me that they wanted to see me for another x-ray. Ten minutes later Malachi's doctor came in and did the exam saying Malachi looks great. While John and Malachi were getting Malachi's blood drawn, I went down to get my other x-ray taken. The radiology tech said that when the doctor (not mine, but a radiologist) looked at my original x-ray she noticed a curve in my spine. So either, I was standing crooked or I have a curve in my spine, so they wanted to check with another x-ray. When I got back to the lobby John and Malachi were already down and Malachi showed me his bandaged arm from the blood being taken. He was very sad they took his blood.

Finally at 12:30 we walked out. It had been a very long day and we were all quite exhausted. John and I have to go back on Monday to have our TB tests read at the doctors office and to get all the results back from the x-rays and the labs. After we get all that paperwork, it'll all be sent in and we'll have done the Medical Clearance work about five weeks before it was due.

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