Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sick :(

John had a cold last week that we thought may delay our date. It didn't because John was better by Friday. The date was great! He did get me a present, a new phone woohoo!

Three out of four of the sushi rolls were really good, we'll definitely be going back there again. The play was very funny, there were a few times where I laughed so loud someone from the cast looked at me.

I woke up yesterday with John's cold, so did Malachi in fact. This morning my temperature was 100.8. I hope it burns away the cold! My ears and head hurt. It's too bad because I don't think I can rest very easily. Also I'm still having back problems. I think there's a knot in my back on the left side but John couldn't find it yesterday when he was massaging.

We're not going to church today, I'm sure we'll just laze around the house. Hopefully I'll be better by tomorrow so I can work. I went to the gym on Friday morning, but haven't been back since. I'm trying to do well in the eating department since I'm not exercising.

I just found out that Malachi has a temperature of 99.9. That means we wont be going to school/work tomorrow. He has to be fever free for 24 hours before he can go to school. I think I hear John cutting up fruit. We went to Central Market yesterday to buy some get healthy food. I love fruit so much, I can't wait!

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