Friday, November 28, 2008


Yesterday Bethany and I ran the 5k!!! It took us quite a while to get across the starting line because of the hundreds of people in front of us, but we rand across the finish line at 39 minutes. We figure it may have taken us about 1 1/2 - 2 minutes to get across the starting line, so we think it took us about 37 minutes to do the 5k. We are so happy with ourselves. There were multiple times I had to stop running and do a fast walk. But I was always keeping up with Bethany.

We had a very fun day yesterday with Josh, Bethany, Belle (their dog), Donald, Sandra, and Cheryl (a family from Singapore). There was an awesome turkey dinner with a bit of Chicken Curry thrown in :) We played games together and then Donald, Sandra and Cheryl left at about 10:30 and we all headed to bed. I was so tired it took me about 2 minutes to fall asleep once I layed down.

Still to do on our trip is a trip to the National Zoo and to D.C. to see the sights. I'm very excited for that and I can't wait until Malachi sees some of D.C. I think that with the help of picutres and reminders he may remember this trip for a long time.

Today's going to be the nicest day weather wise so I think we'll visit the zoo today and then the memorials/museums tomorrow.

Malachi's currently opening his birthday presents from Josh and Bethany. He's getting baloon toys and he's really liking them.

Anywho...back to the family and friends!

Love to all!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

laundry, laundry, and more laundry

Yesterday I was up until after mid-night folding laundry. Today after work I'm going to feed Malachi and put him down early for his nap. Normally he goes down at 1:30 today, hopefully he'll go down before 12:30. He usually falls asleep pretty fast for his nap, so that's good.

During Malachi's nap I'll pack our stuff into the suitcases and then into the car. I'll get Malachi up at about 2:45 and then pack him up in the car and head to John's office. We're leaving the car there during our vacation. One of his friends that used to work there is going to pick us up and drive us to the airport.

John checked us in for our flights online and chose our seats. I'm so happy we're all sitting together. This will be the first time that John has flown with Malachi (Malachi has been on more than a handful of plane trips) so I'm very excited to be there during that time. Malachi's such a good flyer and that helps, but it is still a lot to fly with him.

We have a layover in Atlanta and we don't leave there until after 9:00pm so I'm hoping that he'll sleep most of that flight. That would really help us out. Plus I'd like to sleep too.

I'm so, so, so excited to see Josh and Bethany. I'm a little nervous about the run. Mostly I'm nervous about staying warm, I'm not really nervous that I'll make it.

Bethany - I'll see you in 14 short hours! The wait is FINALLY over!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Last Run Before The Race

Today I ran a mile in 12 minutes. Then I did 40 sit ups on the exercise ball. I really like doing that. I read something in an article that said that post-natal women shouldn't do regular sit ups because it only tears the stomach muscles apart more. So I'm doing them on the exer ball. Plus it's fun!

Today I'm going to do the remainder of my laundry and then pack. Tomorrow night we leave, yay!

I'm so, so excited.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Three Years

Today marks the birth of our (now) three year old son.

Dear Malachi,

You make my life worth living. Every day I look forward to hearing something new come out of your mouth. You're so smart and every day I'm amazed by the progress you make in growth, both physically and mentally. Since you were born premature the statistics said that you wouldn't develop as well as your peers in those areas but you are proving them wrong!

I have such great hopes for your life but I want you to know that what ever you do, no matter who you grow to be I'll always love you. You couldn't do anything to make me stop loving you. Sometimes I may seem angry or sad with you, but even in those times I'll love you.

Right now we live in Dallas, TX in a two bedroom apartment at Christ For The Nations (CFNI). You go to pre-school at CFNI and you LOVE it, your teachers are Ms. Veronica and Ms. Didi. You would go every day if it was open and we let you. We attend church at Fellowship of Joy and today you moved up to the 3's & 4's class. You transitioned very well. I think it was harder for me than for you.

Your daddy and I pray with you every night. We ask God to protect your dreams to make sure they're sweet. We also pray that as soon as you feel a tug on your heart from the Holy Spirit that you would seek Jesus as your savior and follow him forever. Malachi means "My Messenger" we pray that your life would reflect the meaning of your name.

I really can't express how much I love you. You're such a joy to me and I pray that you'll have many enjoyable years of life.

Happy Birthday Love!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I realize that compared to my activity on the blog recently I've been awefully silent the last week. I did have a pretty nasty stomach bug that Malachi handed over to me. I also had a cold that I just recovered from. But then last night I started up with more stomach issues. It's been quite a week!

Because of all these things happening my training has taken a serious hit. I went to the gym yesterday and I only walked half a mile. Today I decided to sleep in because of the stuff that started up last night. Good thing I did because they continued this morning, running and walking would've been very difficult.

I'm signed up for the 5k so I am doing it. Just probably not as fast as I would've if I'd been able to train fully.

John is nearing the end of his semester. He only has three weeks left. Thank God! I'm so glad that he's doing well and enjoying his time. I really miss him though, so I'm thankful that he's almost done. He's considering doing only one class next semester, a decision I would whole heartedly stand behind.

We have so much going on in the next week I get tired thinking about it. Malachi's birthday party is on Saturday, his birthday is on Sunday and then we leave for D.C. on Tuesday afternoon. Crazy!

We're doing the party on a budget (my desire, not a necessity) so I'm trying to think of activities for the kids that involves very little monies. John is taking charge of the cake - yay! That makes me very happy. I'm handling the rest of the party, but it's such a relief to have him doing that. He found a very cute design that will be awesome.

I'm so excited for Malachi's present. He is going to be so happy about it he wont want to go to church. John and I are going to design the train table tonight and then Saturday night when we get him up for his mid-night potty break we'll put him in our bed instead of his. We'll then put his table together in his room we haven't exactly decided what to do after that. We may sleep with him and show him the present in the morning, or we may put him back in bed so he can wake up to his present. Either way sounds fun.

The heat still isn't on in our house but if the 10 day forcast is chilly enough they'll turn it on tomorrow. I really hope so because it's so cold in our house. This morning it was 47 degrees but the sun was already coming up so who knows how cold it was outside before that. I don't know why we haven't bought a space heater yet.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

stomach bug, cold, and training?

My training has been really bad this week. Tuesday I didn't get to go to the gym because it's closed on Tuesday nights. Both of us forgot about that until it was too late.

Yesterday I did go to they gym but I was too tired to do more than 1 mile. Today I didn't go because yesterday I knew I was getting sick. So I slept in. I'm not going to work because I need to rest up for the women's retreat this weekend. I think Satan is really scared about the women's retreat because he's attacking a lot of women at our church with sickness, car accident (and subsequent stiff neck, headaches, random numbness in left arm, etc. please pray for Mary Shafer, that she would get well), stomach bugs, etc. We're really being attacked.

Thank God that He is Good and that what ever the enemy brings against us, The Lord can remove from us and we can have a successfull retreat.

Please pray that I get rest today.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

new blog

Check out a new blog on my blogroll. It's titled Susan Bozarth. She's one of the smartest and funniest Christian women I know. She's an adjunct teacher at CFNI and she's an active member at our church. Her and her husband have been in ministry for over 20 years.

I know if you read her blog you'll be filled with wisdom.

Happy 7th Anniversary and the honeymoon's over

Yesterday was my 7th wedding anniversary. Wow...7 years. It's a crazy thing to think that it's been that long. It's gone by so fast. John and I are doing well. We're very happy and we love where we're at in life.

We celebrated our anniversary on Saturday night with dinner at an Indian Restaurant and tickets to a play called Noises Off. It was a great date! Malachi spent the night at a couple's house and they brought him to church the next morning.

Yesterday we worked, but John came home an hour early. When he got home he and Malachi woke me up from my nap (Malachi had woken up shortly before John got home and hadn't woken me up yet). Afte I woke up we exchanged anniversary gifts. I gave John a leather laptop carry case. Funnily enough he also got me a bag. But my present is a gorgeous red oversized purse. Inside the purse was a halloween sized candy bag of Tootsie Rolls (opened up and inside every pocket and the rest of them inside the main pocket), a clutch purse, a wallet, a small notebook, 4 pens, 9 packs of gum, Aleve, an Umbrella, and rubberized hair bands that will actually stay in place! I also got a coupon with all my smaller presents, in my card, and in each pocket in the purse. I'm so excited to use them, here's a list of them:

One (1) Dinner at Antares Restaurant (good after February 2009(because Wolfgang Puck is opening it and we have been looking forward to eating there))

$50 for spa or salon services x2

One (1) dinner at a restaurant of your choice

One (1) trip to the shooting range

$50 clothes shopping spree x3

One (1) girls night out or in (my treat for the girls)

Dinner, a Movie, and a night at a Hotel

$50 for makeup and accessories x2

There are 12 coupons so I get to use one a month for the next 12 months! I'm so excited for all of them.

I have to say that my husband is so great at presents. He always knows how to make me happy. We had an ok dinner (I messed up the Shepherd's Pie), and after that our friends came over because we wanted to challenge them to a rematch of Spades because they kicked our butts big time on Sunday night. It didn't really change much last night. They still kicked our butts.

This morning at 5:00 AM we woke up to hear Malachi coughing and burping big. It turns out that he puked. Since he puked three weeks ago and was fine, I thought he'd be fine again. So I gave him some crackers. Shortly thereafter he puked again. I haven't gotten to go to the gym yet this morning so I hope I get to go later.

Malachi may have a stomach bug. Please pray for him today.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I did two miles on the treadmill and 60 sit ups on the exercise ball. Today I did three miles (no walking at all, solid running!!!) on the treadmill in exactly 40 minutes and 20 sit ups on the exercise ball. I was talking to Bethany yesterday and told her that it's become obvious to me that it's too hard for me to run three miles six days a week yet, so I'm going to do a pattern for the next two weeks which is:

Day 1: Weights
Day 2: two miles
Day 3: Three miles

Then the week after that I'll do three miles as many days as I can because the week after that I start tapering off because the race is in less than four weeks! Woohoo!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Light Day

Per the advice of a track coach via one of his former students I took it light today to give my muscles a bit of rest after my hard day yesterday.

I did run a bit, about half a mile, but then I went to the weights. I love the weights. I hope to do mostly weights when I'm done with the 5K. I did do a bit more running at the end, but I just wasn't feeling it. I was up late last night with election news, so that might explain that.

With all this exercise and the no eating sweets that I've been doing, I'm looking a lot healthier than I used to. It's been a great encouragement to keep going. I feel lighter even though I've only lost about two pound because of all the muscle I'm gaining. Even so, I feel lighter. It's like a weight has been lifted off my back - pun intended. :)

My friend Mary came running with me yesterday and I know that that is how I made it the full three miles. She couldn't make it today but promises to be there tomorrow. I hope she is, she's so great to have there because she too is a runner.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Running and Historic Moments

Today I ran the 3 miles in under 40 minutes. That was such a good feeling this morning.

Tonight I watched on live TV one of the biggest things that has ever happened in the United States. Senator Barrack Obama is now the President Elect Obama. The first time that we've ever voted in an African American. Even if you don't like Obama, you have to admit that this is huge.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Saturday I ran the full three miles in about 42 minutes. Sunday was a break day - yay! I got to sleep in!

This morning I went to the gym with the intention of running the full three again, but at about 1.8 miles something happened in my left hip. Every time I was putting my left leg down it felt like my hip muscle was tearing. It was really painful, so I started my cooldown then. I've been pretty depressed about that today. Luckily I'm not eating sweets right now because I know if I was I'd be stuffing my face with halloween candy today to fill some void.