Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I realize that compared to my activity on the blog recently I've been awefully silent the last week. I did have a pretty nasty stomach bug that Malachi handed over to me. I also had a cold that I just recovered from. But then last night I started up with more stomach issues. It's been quite a week!

Because of all these things happening my training has taken a serious hit. I went to the gym yesterday and I only walked half a mile. Today I decided to sleep in because of the stuff that started up last night. Good thing I did because they continued this morning, running and walking would've been very difficult.

I'm signed up for the 5k so I am doing it. Just probably not as fast as I would've if I'd been able to train fully.

John is nearing the end of his semester. He only has three weeks left. Thank God! I'm so glad that he's doing well and enjoying his time. I really miss him though, so I'm thankful that he's almost done. He's considering doing only one class next semester, a decision I would whole heartedly stand behind.

We have so much going on in the next week I get tired thinking about it. Malachi's birthday party is on Saturday, his birthday is on Sunday and then we leave for D.C. on Tuesday afternoon. Crazy!

We're doing the party on a budget (my desire, not a necessity) so I'm trying to think of activities for the kids that involves very little monies. John is taking charge of the cake - yay! That makes me very happy. I'm handling the rest of the party, but it's such a relief to have him doing that. He found a very cute design that will be awesome.

I'm so excited for Malachi's present. He is going to be so happy about it he wont want to go to church. John and I are going to design the train table tonight and then Saturday night when we get him up for his mid-night potty break we'll put him in our bed instead of his. We'll then put his table together in his room we haven't exactly decided what to do after that. We may sleep with him and show him the present in the morning, or we may put him back in bed so he can wake up to his present. Either way sounds fun.

The heat still isn't on in our house but if the 10 day forcast is chilly enough they'll turn it on tomorrow. I really hope so because it's so cold in our house. This morning it was 47 degrees but the sun was already coming up so who knows how cold it was outside before that. I don't know why we haven't bought a space heater yet.

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Bethany said...

Happy birthday Malachi!!!! We can't wait to see you!!! =)