Saturday, November 12, 2011

Epiphanies Galore

Breaking from my not-progressing series on My Greats, I have to say that this must be a time of epiphanies. I had another one yesterday...a big one. A very painful one, that I'm not going to get into because it's just that personal.

I really hope that I can fix what needs to be fixed though so that relationships improve and life becomes even happier (because life, over all, is pretty happy).

RE: the other epiphanies I had: I seem to be getting a lot closer to Simon. Right now on vacation there are a lot of people here for him to play with (insert lots of cuteness with cousin here), but I've gotten a bit of time with him here the last few days. Yesterday we got a rare few minutes by ourselves and had a very good time playing together.

I also got to bond with my niece a little bit. While her parents were snorkeling I took her to the water and splashed around with her. She would laugh, and I would laugh, and we were having a grand time. If we lived closer to family I think I'd try to be closer to her since I don't get a little girl of my own. I'll just have to settle with R&R's, home leaves, and their trips to visit us. I often think of her when I pass girl clothing in the stores. I'm good at policing myself, but it can be hard!

We're all enjoying our vacation on Oahu a lot. So far we've: swam at the beach, done an ATV tour, swam at the beach, done a Segway tour, snorkled at Lanikai Beach, eaten at the highest rated restaurant in Hawaii, snorkled at Hanamua Bay, played games, celebrated 10 years together, watched the cousins bond, and enjoyed family time. And we still have six days left! Today John, his brother, and I are going to swim with some sharks. Actually...the alarm is going off in three minutes (4:40 a.m.), I should just start getting ready.

I hope everyone had a thankful and relaxing Veteran's Day.