Sunday, October 31, 2010


The theme for the State Department Blog Roundup this week (being hosted at Run 2 New Places) is about what we wish we'd put in our UAB. I knew this right away!


We put every single clothing item in our UAB, why not the hangers! Argh!

Happy Halloween

I don't think we have any Halloween festivities today and I'm very happy about that.

Friday night we did the one at work. It was the first time I've solo'd a CLO event. My supervisor did help me out plan it before she went out of town last week, but the fact that I executed the event by myself feels great. Lots of people have told me that it went really well. Bring it on people! I love getting compliments!! For this party Malachi dressed as a ghost with a homemade costume that John did. It wasn't the typical eye holes in a sheet costume, it was pretty awesome. John and I dressed in t-shirts each with half a bar code on them. The numbers were our anniversary. We were an item.

Last night we went to a friend's house for their Halloween Party. They invited families from the Embassy as well as families from their son's classes. So that meant we didn't know most of the people because not a lot of Embassy families showed up. That was a lot of fun though. For this party Malachi combined his school party (which took place on Thursday afternoon and neither of his parents showed up) costume and his Embassy party costume and was a ghost knight. He had a lot of fun with that. John went as Bumblebee in the morning with my robe, his pajamas, a Starbucks coffee mug, and Malachi's Bumblebee mask and gun. I was a pirate. I used a dress I have that has ruffles on the collar, a scarf I have on my head, my son's eye patch from his costume last year, and a gold hoop earing from the same costume. It was fun.

But I'm ready for this holiday to be done! We have a lot going on this week, and I'm ready to move on to this week's events.

John's parents get into town on Wednesday night. This is their first visit to us in Costa Rica. Fun!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


A few weeks ago I mentioned a secret I had that I could share about in a few weeks. Well it's been a few weeks, and now I can tell you about it. I promised it wasn't pregnancy, and I was telling the truth.

On the 9th I took the Foreign Service Officer Test at the Embassy. I got the score today and I failed...hardcore! I failed so bad the computer who scored me probably laughed at me.

The worst part was the biographical section - I haven't done anything in my life. Although John thinks I didn't answer correctly on some of them.

I'm sort of glad I didn't pass. I don't know what I would've done if I'd made it through!

Never Knew I'd... having kids after the age of 30 (still trying for #3, no way to have it before 30)

My mom was 20 when she had me, 22 she had my sister. I always imagined I'd be young when I had my children. I certainly thought I'd be done by the time I was 30. But I want more kids. And I'm almost 30, so apparently I'll be having kids after 30. someone so much that something as simple as a tooth coming in or them falling down would make me run to comfort them.

I mean come on! How ridiculous is it that?! living overseas NOT as a missionary.

I wanted to be a missionary for a long time, it never occurred to me there was a way to live overseas with out doing that. trying to blog this entry with a crying baby when he just went to sleep less than an hour ago.

Gotta go!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


This weeks assignment for the State Department Blog Roundup is to post a picture of where you're at right now, either physically or emotionally. My picture does both.

This is the Whoozit toy by Manhattan Toy Company. They have some amazing toys for babies, and we've had this since Malachi was a month old. It was a Christmas present for him. He loved it when he was young (read: three - twelve months old) and he loves it still apparently. It was the toy we used to coax him into rolling over the first time, so it holds a very sentimental place in my heart.

When we started digging out baby toys here we were missing a few that we love including this one. Then one day I saw one that we thought was missing and it turns out that wonderful P found another bag of toys. The Whoozit happened to be in it. I was so excited! Now Simon plays with it and loves it.

Extra Credit!

The assignment includes extra credit if we have pink in our photo so we can honor our friend Jen who was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I promise the smile is pink - it's almost five years old, so I think it's a bit dirty, and the circles at 7 o'clock and 5 o'clock are pink also. Jen I love you and have been praying for you.

I hope we have the Whoozit for all of our kids. It's an amazing toy. Just looking at the picture makes me smile.

*Edit: While reviewing my blog I realized that my blog is pink! Can I have double extra credit Becky?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Standing Up

I tried putting Simon down for a nap this afternoon. He didn't nap during the morning even though we tried to get him to, so I thought for sure he'd fall asleep quickly. 20 or so minutes later I entered his room to find him standing up holding the side of the crib. This was a first for me. I wasn't expecting it and no matter how sad I was that he wasn't napping I was so excited to see him standing like that. I tried putting him down again and in about 20 to 30 minutes I went into his room again because he wouldn't stop crying. I found him standing up holding the side and crying at the wall. I laughed at the sight of him and took him out of his room.

A couple of hours later I realized that he probably doesn't know how to sit down. I really needed to put him in for a nap so I put him in thinking that if he stood and wouldn't sit down, I'd go back in and put him back down. Luckily for both of us he fell asleep really fast. I had to wake him up after a couple of hours because it was after 5:30. Weirdest nap day ever...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It has arrived!

Tooth number three, his upper right side, finally cut. Simon has had only the first two teeth for over two months now. I think the other upper tooth is working its way down. He still has a lot of teething to go with the new tooth, but I'm so glad we can finally feel it.

That's all for now...have a great Wednesday everyone.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Traditions! Tranditions!

I played a daughter in Fiddler on The Roof in 8th grade. The word still reminds me of that song.

This weeks State Department Blog Roundup host picked this as the topic: 

Traditions: What traditions have arisen in your life because of the State Dept?

I fear that unfortunately I haven't made any traditions because of being in the State Department. I haven't been in long enough to make any. There are things I'd like to make visiting friends who are posted in other countries and special travel treats for the kids if they're good on planes. Something I brought up to John the other day was a tradition I think I'd like to start this year. I know how much it would suck to work on Christmas, so I think we'll bring a treat to the guard at our neighborhood and to the Marines on duty that day. As long as we're a reasonable distance from the Embassy, I imagine we'll make this a tradition that carries on for years. 

Lately I've been dreaming about going to the States and eating lots of great food. I want to enjoy things like Chipotle, Papa Murphy's, and Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. I can't wait to go home!

Things with Malachi's school have been calming down a bit, and we've decided to keep Malachi where he is. Hopefully the school will stay open so we can do that. We like his teacher and have found Malachi to be learning a lot. We got an email from his teacher and she said that he's doing very well in school. She will give him an assignment like matching three letter words to a pictures. Five minutes later he'll have it done and with out help. She says he's very smart and that he's doing better than some of her five year old students. 

I think I saw some teeth that look like they will be popping out soon on Simon's upper jaw. It's been over two months since the two on the bottom popped through, so we've been wondering when they were going to come. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010


...check yourself!

Or touch yourself as my blog friend so aptly put it.

You see...we have a friend online. And she recently found out that she has breast cancer. It's such bad timing with her husband working in Iraq right now, unfortunately we can't decide when these things happen to us.

So the friend that I mentioned pleads with us to make sure we're healthy. There was a whole year where I did my monthly well checks and never found a thing. It's been a couple of years since then, however, I still go in for my yearly check and things are good for now.

Please though...for the sake of those who love you...check yourself regularly so if there's anything that needs looking at it's caught early.

Friday, October 8, 2010


We had some fun family time tonight.

After I got John from work we went to a Tex-Mex restaurant for dinner. The service was both good and bad. It was crazy fast but John and I both got the wrong food.The wrong food was still good though.

We came home and I immediately had to feed Simon his dinner, but I wanted us to spend some more family time together so we played a game that Malachi made up. He said I was the bad guy and his daddy and he were the good guys. I had to try to shoot him, with the laser gun he had given me, while I was being attacked by them. They went to the kitchen and hid while poking their heads out so I could take a shot here and there.

Eventually they decided to start throwing things at me. First they threw tortilla bombs. That didn't last long because we only had two. They threw hot pads, baby toys, and what ever else they could find that was soft enough. At one point Malachi came out and through garlic at me after saying "the power of Christ compels you." He had a hard time delivering that line through the laughing though.

At one point they ran into the hall bathroom and put rags on their heads - I had to get a picture of that. I finally sicked Simon and the power of the possibility of spit up on them. I did pretty much concede to them by then though.

We spent almost an hour more just hanging out with each other.

I tell you what...having a four year old is crazy stressful sometimes. But the rest of the time, it's pretty amazing.

Oh, by the way. We had another earthquake tonight. This one sent us to the door ways on the first floor. It was the longest one we've had. Nothing was damaged, I'm sure nothing even fell. We didn't even feel compelled to check on the kids. They slept through it. I cried a bit - earthquakes scare me!  John held me and comforted me. He's amazing. Don't worry parents - when you come visit I'm sure it'll be fine.

I'm off to bed early tonight because I have a big morning. I can't share about it. In about three weeks I'll let you know what I did.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This year for Halloween, and the first time for this holiday, I'll be working. We're doing a holiday party at the Embassy for the kids. There will be trick-or-treating from office to office, and then we'll finish up on the Consular Patio where the Marines will be grilling brats and serving pulled pork sandwiches. My supervisor will be out of town during that, so I'll be running the show.

It should be really easy since the parents will probably want to be there with the kids.

Malachi wants to be a ghost this year. I think we'll be doing the old fashioned kind of ghost - I'm sure it'll be awesome. I have no idea what we're going to do with Simon. It's going to have to be homemade because they don't celebrate Halloween in Costa Rica so they're not selling costumes. We're probably going to procrastinate until the last minute to plan it. Here's a gallery of the Halloween pictures that I could find. In 2007 he was a really cute cowboy.
Gangster 2006
Conductor 2008
Pirate 2009

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beer Brewing

We have friends here, possibly our closest friends, who home brew beer. Yesterday we went to their house - their first time in their own house actually (they've been living in a hotel for six months!) and they were able to brew two batches.

The girls decided to bake desserts. We made a chocolate pudding cake and an apple tart. They were all quite delicious. The boys were done brewing the second batch by the time the desserts were ready to eat, so we were all just chilling on their non-furniture (as in they don't have any yet) and eating dessert. We talked about giving birth, one of them is pregnant! I met a dula recently and have thought about trying birth with a dula next time instead of an epidural. We'll see when it comes down to it.

I've told John to get a starter kit for brewing beer. It only costs about $100 to get started. We can find beer here that's somewhat passable, but who knows what's going to be available where we go next. Also, he better learn now when there's a brewer with a lot of experience here to teach him.

About the kids:

We got Malachi's mid-quarter report yesterday. He's doing great! The hardest thing for him is swimming. Otherwise, his teachers say he's doing very well and "is a joy to have in class." The owner of the school has agreed to a mediation meeting between the administration and the parents. I don't know if the teachers will be there, but I hope so. So tomorrow evening the parents are meeting to prepare for the mediation meeting. I really hope it ends well.

Simon still isn't doing a real crawl yet but he still looks to be so close! He likes to walk though, so I wonder if he'll be one of the walks before he crawls babies. He still hasn't cut the teeth that he seems to be teething - I'm so ready for that to happen. P found a bag of Malachi's old toys and Simon's really enjoyed playing with them. It's been fun for John and I to see them and reminisce about old times.

We're really looking forward to our first family visit that's happening in a few weeks. And we're also looking forward to our Anniversary trip which is also in a few weeks - woot! I'm so excited to go hang out with John for a few days.

Friday, October 1, 2010

School Drama

There's drama at Malachi's school. He may end up at a different school even. I'm trying to be patient and I keep telling myself that it's a baby school. It's only been open for 10 months. But the owner is quite a character and  I don't see much of a future of American Embassy kids there. It makes me very sad too because I really like the format and I don't think we'll find it anywhere else here. There are some Montessori schools, which the format is very similar to, but I don't know if they go past Kindergarten.

I'll keep y'all updated on what happens. The Management Officer is meeting with the owner of the school on Monday. Hopefully some issues will be worked out.