Friday, April 17, 2009

Geo Cache

We had so much fun tonight! After we went out for dinner and dessert, we went on a treasure hunt! Check out Geo Cache for a very, very fun activity for the family! It's all over the world, so no matter where you're reading this you should at least check it out.

This is the beginning of a beautiful tradition for our family! Go TeamRoy!!! Woo!


My birthday is on Sunday. I'm feeling a gamut of emotions, and I think I'll list them here. Maybe it'll be cathartic.


Do you see a pattern? When did I start feeling so old (that's the confusion)?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Medical Clearance

I got a call yesterday from a woman in Medical Clearances and she informed me that I have level one medical clearance!!! yay!!

For those who don't know...that means that I can go anywhere in the world with John and the State Department will pay for me to do so :) So, now Malachi and I both have level one clearance. John's x-ray is on the 27th and his security clearance should be done soon too. The June A-100 class starts on the 22nd and I think that's when we'll be going to DC, yay!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Trip to MN

I've just recently recovered from my whirlwind of a trip to MN. If I blogged about my whole trip in detail it would reach for miles, so I'm going to summarize.

Friday -
Plane ride up - saw windmills from cruising altitude, realized how huge they are. Picked up by Steph, go to lunch with her and mom at Arbys - mmmm. Go to Grandma E's to look at old family photos for display of pics of dad. Laugh...lots.
Go to Target to buy presents and supplies for party displays. Pick up Papa Murphy's. Eat dinner with mom and Steph; have Uncle Mark, his sister-in-law Patty, my cousin Aaron and his wife Abby over to hang. Have a great time.

Saturday -
Sleep in mmm. Hang with mom for a couple of hours, breakfast with mom and steph, get ready for long day. Go to dad's house, give him presents, leave for Olive Garden. Eat at Olive Garden, have delicious food. Leave for Como Zoo Observatory, stop at Target 2 miles down the road because I'm sick from the food at Olive Garden. When I'm finally done being sick, it's Steph's turn. Leave Target for church. Go to church, awesome service! Go to dad's surprise party - Surprise!!! (not really surprised after all). Stay at dad's house until after 11:00 - maybe 11:30. See his side of the family, and friends that I haven't seen in over 10 years. Drive home in snow storm that's easy for a Minnesotan, but hellish for a Texan!

Sunday -
pack, eat breakfast, go to Sarah and Ben's house, see their house for the first time - WOW! have an amazing lunch - chill - work out - shower - repack - go to airport. eat a sushi snack, fly home, see John and Malachi for first time in almost three days yay!

Whew! It might have taken you about 3 or 4 minutes to read, but wow, what a busy three days.

We're having people over for a late brunch tomorrow. I'm excited.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pay It Forward

I apparently signed up to receive a home made gift from a FSO wife/mom in Kiev Russia on her pay it forward blog entry.

I did this on Facebook and didn't get much of a response, so I'm going to do it here too. Here are the rules. This offer does have some restrictions and limitations so please read carefully:

1. Be one of the first THREE to leave a comment on this post, which then entitles you to a handmade item from me - something crafty or yummy, who knows?!

2. Winners must post this challenge on your blog, meaning that you will Pay It Forward, creating a handmade gift - anything! - for the first three bloggers who leave a comment on YOUR post about this giveaway!

3. The gift that you send your THREE friends can be from any price range and you have 365 days to make/ship your item. This means you should be willing to maintain your blog at least until you receive your gift and have shipped your gifts. And remember, it's the spirit and the thought that counts!

4. When you receive your gift, feel free to blog about it, sharing appropriate Linky Love!

If you are not one of the Top Three Commenters on this post, you can still play along. Go ahead and start your own Pay It Forward and encourage your blogging friends to do the same! And I might feel generous and send something to the first FOUR people, so don't quit commenting at three :)

This italic part is not part of the official Pay It Forward post, but if you need something to comment on, tell me about the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear (or read, as the case may be) the word(s), "mish-mash."