Monday, March 31, 2008

Busy Weekend!

I'm tired from the weekend, just thinking about it. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we were busy from sun up to well past sun down. There was barely any rest. In a nut shell it involved: car shopping*, eating out (with just us and with friends), going to three different homes to spend time with friends, and church.

It was a fun weekend but I'm glad that it's over.

* For those that don't know, John's car died. We're going to see if we can go down to just one car to save on insurance, gas, and car payment. We'll see if I go crazy.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


No. But I'm working on it. Sort of. John and I want to have a healthy pregnancy next time and one way we're working toward that is me losing weight. Hopefully if I'm smaller before we get pregnant it'll be easier for me to carry the baby.

So. If I lose about a pound a week (the healthy rate of weight loss), then we will start trying by the end of the summer. My OB/GYN is concerned for my future pregnancies and wants to have a consultation with John and I before we start trying.

I'm believing that I'm healed by the stripes on Christ's back and that our future pregnancies will be completely healthy and normal. Pray for my weight loss, that will not be too much of a challenge.

Monday, March 24, 2008


According to an article I just read in the Wall Street Journal, Google is trying to get the FCC to allow wireless internet usage from unused unlicensed TV airwaves. Google's aim is to allow the whole USA to have the wireless internet access.

My husband and I discussed this very topic on our road trip home last weekend. We wondered when wireless would be available for everyone. It may be sooner than we thought.


What a strange Easter we had yesterday.

The morning was pretty standard really. After looking for eggs and baskets from the Easter Bunny we went to church and had a really good service for Resurrection Sunday. During the second service, John went to the Marriage Enrichment bible fellowship that we volunteer in, and I helped in the Children's Ministry. I wasn't going to, but when I re-dropped Malachi off after a potty and snack break there was one person in there with 9 or 10 kids and there ended up being 14 kids in that class with me, Mary (the awesome teacher) and Lavonne, the teacher from first service who was gracious enough to stay and help after she came to drop off her grandson.

After church we went to Italy for lunch. It's this great little family owned restaurant by our old apartment which is now by our church. So, we went there, and I'm thankful they were open on Easter.

We came home, Malachi napped, I played World of Warcraft for a bit, John read, and then a friend came over. After some sitting and talking we saw his new Honda Accord. It's a brand new car, and it's pretty nice. They didn't get leather though...silly people.

After that I went to the hospital to see Eliana Elise Perry. This is Zoe's (one of Malachi's friends) little sister who was born on Saturday evening at 5:33. They were going to go home last night because they didn't get much rest at the hospital. Eliana is so cute and she was so sweet. I loved holding her and it was amazing to hold a 24 hour old baby.

After that I went to Starbucks and Baker's Brothers (a great American Deli) with Cassie because we were waiting for Cassi to get home. When Cassi did get home we went over to her house, and Cassie and I got our hair trimmed and we spent like two hours or more doing that because we were having a good time talking about our marriages and our husbands. Then we watched Enchanted. I was really excited to see this movie because so many people said it's so good. I was surprised by a few scenes in the movie. I really liked it thought, and it's one I would own.

I ended up not coming home until after midnight, but it was worth the lack of sleep. I really enjoyed myself. All the girls think it was the best time we've had together. Thank you to John for taking care of Malachi and letting me have some time with the ladies!

I hope everyone else had good Easters.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fun Day

What a fun day we had today (Saturday, I haven't gone to sleep yet, so I'm still counting right now as part of Saturday).

The morning was quite relaxed with waffles and a movie (Malachi's favorite, The Incredibles) and just some good ol' fashioned hanging out. Then after our glorious nap we headed over to the Zoo with a packed lunch. They've built a sting ray exhibit and you pay $2.00 to go in and touch the rays. Malachi was free, thank God, because his arms were too short to reach. John and I got to touch them twice. It was quite different than I thought it would be. Their wings are a lot slimier than expected.

After that we had our lunch (John and I had snacks really, and Malachi was too excited to eat much)and then saw a few animals, and made it over to the Children's Zoo to see a few things before the Zoo closed.

After the zoo we headed over to Chan Thai for dinner. It was different than I remembered from a year ago and the food was only so so. Not only that, but we didn't see one Asian person there, it was all Latinos. So, I left mostly unimpressed.

We headed home to let John do homework and I would hang out with Malachi until he went to bed. I ended up doing some dishes, doing some laundry, giving the boy a bath, playing with the boy, and then getting him ready for bed. It was quite a productive couple of hours.

John and I went to the gym after Malachi was asleep. Our neighbors have three children, the oldest, Donovan, being 14. He came over and watched a movie of ours while we did that. John needs to go to the gym three or four times a week because of his class, so we might have Donovan over a few times a week. Usually I turn him down when he wants to sell me something for school or what ever, but I might start buying stuff from him if he's going to babysit a lot.

John and I had a relaxing time in World of Warcraft after that. As I'm about to log out someone says they're waiting up to play Easter Bunny. I then start to freak out because I forgot all about Easter and didn't buy anything.

Luckily I had some stuff left over from last year, but it was all in Malachi's closet. Thankfully John and I started getting him up at night to go potty to lessen the chances of accidents. So while John was helping him do that, I was scurrying to get into the closet and get the stuff. The baskets, grass, and eggs were in plain sight and easy to get down, yay!

I put some stuff in the baskets and eggs that we had lying around. Hid them and then we went to bed. But I'm way to energized from the workout to sleep, so I'm going to stay up a bit longer. My alarm is set for 6:30 so hopefully I can go to sleep soon.

Well...this is way too long for one day, I hope you didn't get bored.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not sick!

Thank God I'm not actually sick. I'm feeling so much better today and was even yesterday after my nap that I know I was just exhausted. I'm sure with another nap today and some good rest tonight I should be all back to normal by tomorrow.

Today is rainy so it's a good day to catch up on some house work. I wont be over doing it since I'm trying to rest up, but our place is a wreck.

Monday, March 17, 2008

accidents, long rides, and flu

We had a great time with my mom and sister on Friday night. We introduced Steph to the wonder that is Scrubs. I think they may start watching it.

Saturday we had a fun time with my side of the family on my mom's side, plus my dad's mom. Also, my friend Angie came and I got to meet her boyfriend. He's cool, she seems to be doing well. I can't believe I've known her for 15 years and we're still friends. Of course there were times when we weren't keeping up with each other, but we've never completely lost contact.

After dinner and a nap at mom's we took off for the long drive to Dallas. We planned on driving through, but Malachi had an accident in the car about an hour out of the cities and he wasn't sleeping very well. We had to drop off a jacket in Des Moines and asked if we could just crash there. So we did.

Sunday there were no accidents in the car. He went in his potty in the car or a public restroom every time. It was a long 12 hours of driving, but I'm so happy to be home.

On the drive yesterday I started feeling sick. Today I know it's official. I'm hoping it doesn't get bad, but I really don't feel good.

Sorry for such a down post, it's hard to post all happy when I feel this crappy.

Friday, March 14, 2008

6 1/2 down 1 1/2 to go

We leave for Texas tomorrow night. I've loved spending time with family, but I'm ready to go home. It's amazing how much easier it is to have a toddler in your own home. We're very blessed that Rick and Mickey (my in-laws) have a pack 'n play (and all bedding) and booster seat for the kitchen table already up here so we don't have to bring them from Texas. They've been a big help. But I am ready to stop taking Malachi's bed down every two to three days.

We've been having a good time with Ben and Sarah (John's brother and his wife, yes we have the same name, yes we even have the same middle name. We are Sara(h) Jean Roy). Malachi loves their dog, but unfortunately the feelings aren't returned. Malachi can be a bit overwhelming for Zoey. John and Ben have had a lot of fun developing something I'm not sure I'm supposed to share about it, so lets just leave it at that. Sarah and I have had fun being the guinnea pigs.

Last night Ben and Sarah hosted a get together with John's Uncles and their wives. Unfortunately John's cousins couldn't make it. It's the first time we haven't seen them in years. But I suppose they're getting old enough to have their own lives now. They're 16 and 21. It's so crazy that they're that old. I've known them for probably eight years and I still remember them being 8 and 13, and in my head the younger one is still that size and age when in reality he's taller than me.

Tonight we're going to have an awesome dinner at my mom's house. Then tomorrow a family/friend get together on my side and then we're off! I probably wont blog again until some time next week.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Doing good

We're at my brother-in-law's house now. I'm excited to hang out with them for a few days. Tomorrow we're going to coffee with Jon and Brenda Gill, yay! They made me and Malachi a delicious brunch during my last trip here, and the company was great. I'm so excited to be able to hang out with them with John.

The potty training has been a bit better today. He did wake up wet, but we didn't make him pee before bed and he had fluids close to bed time. We're going to work on that again. Maybe because we'll be at Ben and Sarah's house for three nights instead of just one (at Charlie and Michelle's) or two (at Rick and Mickey's) there'll be some added consistancy and stability. In the first hour of being here he peed and pooped in the potty. That's a very good sign.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Snow, snow, snow!

Malachi loves snow!

Today we played outside, actually not in the snow. We played in the driveway with his car (you know..the one with the yellow top that kids can sit in and "drive" around). All of us were out there in the 20 degree weather and we had a pretty good time. Some cute pictures were taken.

Today Malachi has had a pretty hard time with the potty training. I think we're going to have to start training him again. I'm going to be the one getting him up from a nap to make sure we don't wet the bed again today. Unfortunately we forgot his monitor at home. It might be worth it to go buy a cheap monitor, but if John doesn't want to do that, we might just move Malachi into our room to avoid more wet beds. Keep that in your prayers.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


The drive went pretty well. Malachi didn't sleep through the night but he was a champ. He didn't really need us to do much for him.

It went quite fast for me until we got to Kansas City. Since the goal was in sight the drive seemed to take much longer. The sun was also rising at that time, so I wonder if the drive felt longer because I could actually see what was going on and get distracted by things like billboards and farms.

We did take a 3 1/2 hour nap and I feel much more refreshed. We're having a good time with Charlie and Michelle and baby Liam is really cute and sweet. We're going out to Granite City tonight for dinner. This is an awesome brewery and restaurant that we don't have in TX so we try to make it every time we're up here.

Tomorrow we'll be driving into the cities picking up all the baby gear at my moms and heading to my mother-in-law's.

Friday, March 7, 2008


John and I are leaving in a few minutes to drive over night to Des Moines IA. We're hoping to make this trip in 10 hours. Please pray that Malachi sleeps through the night, the roads are clear, and we have no other complications.


Packing and Planning

I'm taking a break from packing. Malachi's friend Isaac is over so that he would give mommy a break so that she could work.

As long as the road conditions are favorable we'll still leave at 10:00pm and drive through to Des Moines. I'd really like Malachi to sleep through the night. Please keep that in your prayers.

I'm working on a new business idea. I need to get with some people and get some things discussed, I also need to do a bit of learning on a certain craft. I'm also going to need some start up money. If anyone wants to be an investor give me a call and we'll talk.

Oh well...back to packing.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

accident I'm ok with

Last night we went to church and Malachi did have an accident. Since we weren't there, we don't know if he told the teacher, Mary, if he had to go, but she saw him squatting and asked if he had to go potty. But he already was. So when I got him, he had different pants on. But he didn't seem to upset about it.

Yesterday when I got him from his nap he was wet and dirty, and I think it was the most upset about an accident he's ever been. I was in a sour mood after the nap too (I had very little sleep the two nights before and I didn't get to nap long) and I think he sensed that. It was a rough couple hours before daddy got home.

Today we've got lots to do before the trip. I'm going to do laundry and start packing, I'm going to do my work at the church today instead of tomorrow, and who knows what the afternoon holds!

Oh btw, I have a friends who is 37 weeks and 3 days along and she's dilated to 2 and 50% effaced as of last Wednesday. She has another appointment today. With her first girl she had high blood pressure and had to be induced. Let's pray that she doesn't have to have pitocin with this precious girl (name unknown right now), she'd like to avoid it this time. Also, her Dr is going on vacation next week, so she'd like to have the baby either before or after the Dr's vacation.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

wet bed

We had a wet bed this morning and we had a bit of an accidental poo, but he finished it in the potty, so it could've been worse.

He was such a good boy today. We've been out for the last three hours, he got a hair cut, I got my eyebrows waxed and we went to Chick-fil-A (CFA). CFA took a long while because I got to talking to the SAHM (stay at home mom) at the next table, plus we had a chocolate milk spill.

Tonight we're going to church for the first time in over two weeks, yay! I'm very excited to go.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Great Day!

Malachi had a great day today. His cold is getting a lot better and he'll definitely be completely well by the time we leave. He didn't have one accident today, in fact I don't think he got one underwear change, maybe I should have at least changed it once...oops.

Last Tuesday was the day of the two accidents at the birthday party. Tonight I went over to the same house to hang out with my friend Ruth and Malachi went potty there, yay! He was going to once last week, but went with the potty/poop in the pants option instead. I'm so glad that he didn't decide that way today. I have to admit that I was a little scared of going there tonight, but he did really well.

Today when we were shopping at Wal Mart he peed in the potty there too. He's getting so good at using public bathrooms, it's such a comfort for me for our trip this week.

Speaking of our trip this week, in case you (who ever you is...I really don't know who all reads my blog because I only get replies from three people...I guess maybe it's just those three people) don't know, John and I are going to Minnesota this weekend for a week. We're leaving at 10:00pm on Friday with hope that Malachi will sleep through most if not all of the trip. We're going to keep him up until then after his nap (his bed time is usually 8:00) and we are going to get a babysitter after his nap so that John and I can have a good nap and get some good rest before we drive over night. I'm sure we'll also use things like caffeine and sugar to help keep ourselves awake.

We're stopping in Des Moines, Iowa...yes I know it's Iowa but for some reason our friends decided to live there. We have a high school friend that lives there with his wife and baby so we're stopping for a day and night so we can visit them. We haven't had a very good visit in a long time. Probably since before they were married (October, 2005). We've stopped there before, but the last time we went we were there for only about an hour or two and before that we got there so late we went to bed shortly after. So, since we'll be there for almost a whole day we should have some good quality time with them.

We'll make it into the cities (that's short for the Twin Cities - for those who may not know) mid-day Sunday and start our whirlwind trip which brings us back home by mid-morning Sunday the 16th.

Things to pray for:

1. Malachi doesn't revert with the potty training.

2. Malachi sleeps most if not all the ride up.

3. Safety on the roads - it's still winter in the mid-west :).

4. Health and wellness for all of us with the weather change we're going to

Monday, March 3, 2008

Going Strong

Malachi's been doing really well. I believe we're mostly past the wet accidents. The poopy accidents are something else, but I know he'll get there.

He's been pretty sick with a cold, so we didn't do too much this weekend. Friday he had a pretty bad fever that was 102 when I checked it. I only checked it once just to see what it was at.

On Saturday morning John went to a birthday party (that Malachi and I were supposed to go to but didn't because of the cold) with a friend of ours, so Malachi and I went to the Zoo. We had a pretty good time, and it was warm enough that I actually took off my sweater and after that I even broke a sweat.

Yesterday we didn't go to church because I still didn't want him to be in the nursery with his runny nose and cough. I did get invited over to a girlfriend's house last night so Malachi and I did that while John played WoW (World of Warcraft). We were watching Pride and Prejudice but Malachi was a little too much to handle and we kept having to pause the movie so I just brought him home and finished it here.

His coughing was a lot better yesterday but his runny nose seemed to have gotten worse. Still, we didn't even hear much coughing last night. I'm so happy that he's getting better. He's been sleeping through the night again, yay!

This weekend it was so hot in our apartment because we don't have control over which heating or cooling machine to use. So thank God it cooled down some here. The high is supposed to be only 45 today. That should cool off the house a bit. Of course, over the next 10 days it's going to warm up again. Oh well.

I know it's been a while since I've posted pictures, and I plan on posting some eventually. I hope everyone is doing well.

Love to all!