Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Great Day!

Malachi had a great day today. His cold is getting a lot better and he'll definitely be completely well by the time we leave. He didn't have one accident today, in fact I don't think he got one underwear change, maybe I should have at least changed it once...oops.

Last Tuesday was the day of the two accidents at the birthday party. Tonight I went over to the same house to hang out with my friend Ruth and Malachi went potty there, yay! He was going to once last week, but went with the potty/poop in the pants option instead. I'm so glad that he didn't decide that way today. I have to admit that I was a little scared of going there tonight, but he did really well.

Today when we were shopping at Wal Mart he peed in the potty there too. He's getting so good at using public bathrooms, it's such a comfort for me for our trip this week.

Speaking of our trip this week, in case you (who ever you is...I really don't know who all reads my blog because I only get replies from three people...I guess maybe it's just those three people) don't know, John and I are going to Minnesota this weekend for a week. We're leaving at 10:00pm on Friday with hope that Malachi will sleep through most if not all of the trip. We're going to keep him up until then after his nap (his bed time is usually 8:00) and we are going to get a babysitter after his nap so that John and I can have a good nap and get some good rest before we drive over night. I'm sure we'll also use things like caffeine and sugar to help keep ourselves awake.

We're stopping in Des Moines, Iowa...yes I know it's Iowa but for some reason our friends decided to live there. We have a high school friend that lives there with his wife and baby so we're stopping for a day and night so we can visit them. We haven't had a very good visit in a long time. Probably since before they were married (October, 2005). We've stopped there before, but the last time we went we were there for only about an hour or two and before that we got there so late we went to bed shortly after. So, since we'll be there for almost a whole day we should have some good quality time with them.

We'll make it into the cities (that's short for the Twin Cities - for those who may not know) mid-day Sunday and start our whirlwind trip which brings us back home by mid-morning Sunday the 16th.

Things to pray for:

1. Malachi doesn't revert with the potty training.

2. Malachi sleeps most if not all the ride up.

3. Safety on the roads - it's still winter in the mid-west :).

4. Health and wellness for all of us with the weather change we're going to

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Bron & Jenda said...

we'll be praying! and the weather is going up and down, like spring wants to break in, but winter is being really selfish. i think we're still in for more snow. maybe malachi can give sledding one more try! let me know how the "sleeping in the car through the night" thing goes...!!!