Monday, March 17, 2008

accidents, long rides, and flu

We had a great time with my mom and sister on Friday night. We introduced Steph to the wonder that is Scrubs. I think they may start watching it.

Saturday we had a fun time with my side of the family on my mom's side, plus my dad's mom. Also, my friend Angie came and I got to meet her boyfriend. He's cool, she seems to be doing well. I can't believe I've known her for 15 years and we're still friends. Of course there were times when we weren't keeping up with each other, but we've never completely lost contact.

After dinner and a nap at mom's we took off for the long drive to Dallas. We planned on driving through, but Malachi had an accident in the car about an hour out of the cities and he wasn't sleeping very well. We had to drop off a jacket in Des Moines and asked if we could just crash there. So we did.

Sunday there were no accidents in the car. He went in his potty in the car or a public restroom every time. It was a long 12 hours of driving, but I'm so happy to be home.

On the drive yesterday I started feeling sick. Today I know it's official. I'm hoping it doesn't get bad, but I really don't feel good.

Sorry for such a down post, it's hard to post all happy when I feel this crappy.

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Steph said...

Oh I,m so sorry you are sick. I hope we didn't get you sick. Although we aren't really. A little bit of an upset tummy Saturday night but that was it. I hope you feel better. Love you!