Wednesday, March 26, 2008


No. But I'm working on it. Sort of. John and I want to have a healthy pregnancy next time and one way we're working toward that is me losing weight. Hopefully if I'm smaller before we get pregnant it'll be easier for me to carry the baby.

So. If I lose about a pound a week (the healthy rate of weight loss), then we will start trying by the end of the summer. My OB/GYN is concerned for my future pregnancies and wants to have a consultation with John and I before we start trying.

I'm believing that I'm healed by the stripes on Christ's back and that our future pregnancies will be completely healthy and normal. Pray for my weight loss, that will not be too much of a challenge.

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Bethany said...

Sara, I'm excited for you as you start down this road. With God's help you can do this! So excited to hear about baby#2. Perhaps by the time we travel back from Ethiopia with 2 adopted children we'll have kids that are about the same age! =)