Monday, October 24, 2011


I'm staying home with the kids today, and I've had a couple of epiphanies.

One - I don't know Simon as well as I'd like (this one has been happening slowly over a while). I certainly don't know him as well as I knew Malachi at this age. I've really enjoyed having a nanny, but it's been detrimental to my relationship with my kids. I think that on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays I'm going to try to be a mom full time and a student, friend, what ever second. Of course I'll still need to go to the salon, and the Dr. and what not, but for the most part I'd like to go back to my roots and be the mom to Simon and Coen that I was to Malachi.

Two - I've been very down on my life lately. I imagine it's getting annoying to be my facebook friend because my status updates have been pretty negative for quite a while. There are some reasons that I could list as to why I've been so down lately, but let's not get into those. Instead I want to start a new tradition. I want to use my blog as a platform to announce to the world what's good about my life. I have so much in my life that is great and instead of dwelling on the negative in my life I want to dwell on the positive. I want to call it My Great.

My first My Great in my life has to be my husband. I could write a very lengthy tribute to him, but I don't know how much he'd like that, so I'll just make a list of adjectives that I think describe him: humble (see previous comment), patient, smart, handsome, funny, affectionate, passionate, hot, giving, hard-working, and amazing.

I don't know that I could list all the positive adjectives in the world and still have enough to describe him. He is definitely My Great numero uno.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A First

John and I experienced a first today.

Simon and I went to the Embassy this afternoon to pick up John from work. We exited the Embassy Compound and we were sitting at a left turn light, about 15 cars back, and all of a sudden we felt a bump at the rear of the car; we got rear ended. We almost didn't notice because it was so light. Because of Costa Rican law we needed to stay at the scene. We called the Marine on Guard and he called the roving patrol to send them over. They got to us in about five minutes and took some information from us. About 15 minutes after they arrived they said that the insurance investigator would arrive in 25 minutes.

Poor Simon got so bored. We tried to keep him occupied but it was hard! We had to stay in the middle of the road, so we stayed in the car with our seat belts on. At the end of the investigation from the insurance, about 70 minutes after the accident happened, the transit cop showed up. His investigation was a lot shorter, and he let us pull over to the side of the road. John and Simon were able to get out - Simon still got bored but John did a great job taking care of him.

When the transit cop finished I got his report and was happy to learn that we owed nothing. We were then released to go. The cop brought over the guy who hit us and said that he works in car painting and thought it would get done faster through him instead of through an insurance shop. So he gave us his information and then apologized for hitting us.

The whole process was pretty painless, it just delayed us almost an hour and a half from getting home. P took good care of the kids, keeping Coen cool (he's had a fever), and feeding Malachi dinner.

In other aspects of life. I think John's the only one that's not sick right now. I think this marks the fourth week that we've had a cold in the house. Coen has a fever that's slowly going down. Simon's fever comes and goes, but it's never as high as 102. Malachi just can't kick his cough. John got the cold and then again. I missed it the first time but got it this time. I hope we're almost done.

Schools going well. I'm holding up an A in one class and I think an A- in the other. Hopefully I don't lose to many points in that one.