Monday, October 11, 2010

Traditions! Tranditions!

I played a daughter in Fiddler on The Roof in 8th grade. The word still reminds me of that song.

This weeks State Department Blog Roundup host picked this as the topic: 

Traditions: What traditions have arisen in your life because of the State Dept?

I fear that unfortunately I haven't made any traditions because of being in the State Department. I haven't been in long enough to make any. There are things I'd like to make visiting friends who are posted in other countries and special travel treats for the kids if they're good on planes. Something I brought up to John the other day was a tradition I think I'd like to start this year. I know how much it would suck to work on Christmas, so I think we'll bring a treat to the guard at our neighborhood and to the Marines on duty that day. As long as we're a reasonable distance from the Embassy, I imagine we'll make this a tradition that carries on for years. 

Lately I've been dreaming about going to the States and eating lots of great food. I want to enjoy things like Chipotle, Papa Murphy's, and Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. I can't wait to go home!

Things with Malachi's school have been calming down a bit, and we've decided to keep Malachi where he is. Hopefully the school will stay open so we can do that. We like his teacher and have found Malachi to be learning a lot. We got an email from his teacher and she said that he's doing very well in school. She will give him an assignment like matching three letter words to a pictures. Five minutes later he'll have it done and with out help. She says he's very smart and that he's doing better than some of her five year old students. 

I think I saw some teeth that look like they will be popping out soon on Simon's upper jaw. It's been over two months since the two on the bottom popped through, so we've been wondering when they were going to come. 


Connie said...

Sounds like some great ideas for traditions to come. :) In Cairo, after all the tons and tons of Halloween parties, the kids would have too much candy (and we don't restrict them, they simply had TOO much), so we instituted the reverse trick-or-treat. We got a bowl of candy and walked around our block giving out goodies to all the police and guards on duty. We also enjoy the restaurant tourism when we go on R&R... always have to hit the texmex places!

Sara said...

Reverse trick-or-treating is awesome! If Malachi gets too much I might steal that idea.

Missy said...

We host Marines at our house for Christmas (here in the U.S.) every few years. A lot of those guys haven't had a real Christmas with family for years, so that's a great idea!