Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beer Brewing

We have friends here, possibly our closest friends, who home brew beer. Yesterday we went to their house - their first time in their own house actually (they've been living in a hotel for six months!) and they were able to brew two batches.

The girls decided to bake desserts. We made a chocolate pudding cake and an apple tart. They were all quite delicious. The boys were done brewing the second batch by the time the desserts were ready to eat, so we were all just chilling on their non-furniture (as in they don't have any yet) and eating dessert. We talked about giving birth, one of them is pregnant! I met a dula recently and have thought about trying birth with a dula next time instead of an epidural. We'll see when it comes down to it.

I've told John to get a starter kit for brewing beer. It only costs about $100 to get started. We can find beer here that's somewhat passable, but who knows what's going to be available where we go next. Also, he better learn now when there's a brewer with a lot of experience here to teach him.

About the kids:

We got Malachi's mid-quarter report yesterday. He's doing great! The hardest thing for him is swimming. Otherwise, his teachers say he's doing very well and "is a joy to have in class." The owner of the school has agreed to a mediation meeting between the administration and the parents. I don't know if the teachers will be there, but I hope so. So tomorrow evening the parents are meeting to prepare for the mediation meeting. I really hope it ends well.

Simon still isn't doing a real crawl yet but he still looks to be so close! He likes to walk though, so I wonder if he'll be one of the walks before he crawls babies. He still hasn't cut the teeth that he seems to be teething - I'm so ready for that to happen. P found a bag of Malachi's old toys and Simon's really enjoyed playing with them. It's been fun for John and I to see them and reminisce about old times.

We're really looking forward to our first family visit that's happening in a few weeks. And we're also looking forward to our Anniversary trip which is also in a few weeks - woot! I'm so excited to go hang out with John for a few days.

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