Sunday, November 23, 2008

Three Years

Today marks the birth of our (now) three year old son.

Dear Malachi,

You make my life worth living. Every day I look forward to hearing something new come out of your mouth. You're so smart and every day I'm amazed by the progress you make in growth, both physically and mentally. Since you were born premature the statistics said that you wouldn't develop as well as your peers in those areas but you are proving them wrong!

I have such great hopes for your life but I want you to know that what ever you do, no matter who you grow to be I'll always love you. You couldn't do anything to make me stop loving you. Sometimes I may seem angry or sad with you, but even in those times I'll love you.

Right now we live in Dallas, TX in a two bedroom apartment at Christ For The Nations (CFNI). You go to pre-school at CFNI and you LOVE it, your teachers are Ms. Veronica and Ms. Didi. You would go every day if it was open and we let you. We attend church at Fellowship of Joy and today you moved up to the 3's & 4's class. You transitioned very well. I think it was harder for me than for you.

Your daddy and I pray with you every night. We ask God to protect your dreams to make sure they're sweet. We also pray that as soon as you feel a tug on your heart from the Holy Spirit that you would seek Jesus as your savior and follow him forever. Malachi means "My Messenger" we pray that your life would reflect the meaning of your name.

I really can't express how much I love you. You're such a joy to me and I pray that you'll have many enjoyable years of life.

Happy Birthday Love!

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