Thursday, November 13, 2008

stomach bug, cold, and training?

My training has been really bad this week. Tuesday I didn't get to go to the gym because it's closed on Tuesday nights. Both of us forgot about that until it was too late.

Yesterday I did go to they gym but I was too tired to do more than 1 mile. Today I didn't go because yesterday I knew I was getting sick. So I slept in. I'm not going to work because I need to rest up for the women's retreat this weekend. I think Satan is really scared about the women's retreat because he's attacking a lot of women at our church with sickness, car accident (and subsequent stiff neck, headaches, random numbness in left arm, etc. please pray for Mary Shafer, that she would get well), stomach bugs, etc. We're really being attacked.

Thank God that He is Good and that what ever the enemy brings against us, The Lord can remove from us and we can have a successfull retreat.

Please pray that I get rest today.

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