Friday, September 19, 2008

Couldn't wait, toddlers, new jobs, and more

I just couldn't wait for the clot to come out on it's own. I coaxed it out last night. It caused me a considerable amount of pain but by this morning the hole was much smaller and the pain has decreased so much I haven't used any kind of pain reliever today.

Today I got to work with the Toddlers, they're so much fun! One more week in the pre-school as a floater and then on the 29th I start as the admin asst. to the head of media on campus. I'm looking forward to my new job, but I will miss the kids.

Malachi's been doing well lately. He's learning his numbers, alphabet, days of the week and all kinds of other things at school. We're surprised everyday by how smart he is and how much he retains. I guess we shouldn't be, but we just are.

John got a laptop with his school loans this semester. It's really nice and it's so great to have. I'm so happy for him that he'll have this so he can take it to the library or Starbucks or somewhere when he needs to get out of the house to study.

The weather here is finally cooling down yay! Today's high was supposed to be about 85 and that's warmer than the other days this week. It's been so nice. I think that in TX my favorite time of the year is fall.

Welp, I'm off to eat lunch.

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Stephanie Ann said...

So exciting about the new job. I can't wait to hear about it. Yes I've thought of being and English teacher. I read incessantly, so I might as well get a job that falls in line with that.