Saturday, February 26, 2011

Anxiously waiting...

...the arrival of my mother. This trip has so many firsts attached to it for her. I can't wait to experience them with her! John and I did a lot today in preparation and even used our oldest son to help, our youngest son tried to undo what was being done, but he's one. We'll let it pass for now.

I haven't taken pictures of Malachi's room all finished, but posted a picture of Simon's room on Facebook. Not only did I paint this week, but we had curtains made for our first floor. They're thin-ish, wispy curtains that weren't too expensive and really add a lot to our first floor. It's amazing what projects get done when you're about to have a visitor. I think we're done with projects though. We have about 14 months left to enjoy the work that's been done, and enjoy it we will!

Quick update...Malachi seems to still be recovering a bit, his appetite isn't what it normally is. But he hasn't been sick since the other night, and no sign of seizures either. His neurologist said that stomach bugs can aggravate/cause seizures so we shouldn't worry.

So far no one else is puking, and no one has the throat/ear infection Simon had a while ago. Interesting that things that should be so contagious aren't making their way around the house.

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Donna said...

Enjoy your mom time, and stay well.