Thursday, February 17, 2011

Test Results and a 1 Year Well Check!

Malachi's test results came back normal for an epileptic. We have digital and hard copies of both of the tests for the future if we ever need them. The neurologist didn't add a second medicine or increase the dosage more than what he already did last week. He's still hopeful that Malachi will grow out of the seizures. 

Simon's well check went really well. He's 22 lbs and 24 inches long with a 19 inch head. He's just over 90% for length and just over 50% for weight, which is common at this age because of how much he's moving around now. He of course has the big Emery (my mom's side of my side) head, I've blessed both my kids with that. He passed his exam with flying colors. The scar from the growth removal is healing really well as well. recap - both kids are doing great, and I've had Dr's verify that today.