Thursday, December 31, 2009

Decade in Review: 2000 - 2009

Holy Cow! Is it really the last day of 2009? That's totally crazy! The last 10 years have held a lot for me. I'm going to make a condensed list so as to not write a novella.

High School Graduation
Live in Costa Rica for three months

Get engaged
Buy a house
Get married
Travel to Bahamas for honeymoon

Hubby and I Turn 21
Decide to move to TX - try to sell house - fail

Decide to go to Bible School
Apply for Christ for the Nations
Get accepted at Christ for the Nations
Try to sell house - succeed
Start 1st semester at CFNI
Go to Mexico with friends and family

Continue at school and work in Dallas

Find out six days before graduating from CFNI that we're pregnant with Malachi!
Finish CFNI and graduate in May
Go to Europe with John's family (and Malachi in the belly) for two weeks
Start attending best church ever: Fellowship of Joy (FOJ)
Continue working at hotel until even on the day I go into the hospital
Go to the hospital at 33 weeks and 5 days for a potential issue that proves to be true. Diagnosed with PPROM.
Induced at 35 weeks and 2 days
Give birth to a wonderful baby boy on Nov. 23 2005. 5 lbs 5 oz. 18 inches long. Name him Malachi David Roy meaning: the beloved messenger of the King.
Leave the hospital two days later
Bring Malachi home 12 days after that

Stay home with the baby
Move back to CFNI alumni housing
Join choir at FOJ

Go to China to see how to go as missionaries the next year after John graduates from Dallas Baptist University
Decide we don't want to go to China as missionaries
John starts looking into the Foreign Service as a career option
Starts studying for the Foreign Service Officer Exam

John and Sara join the Marriage Enrichment ABF at FOJ as helpers to the teachers.
John graduates from DBU!
John takes the FSOE
Get job at CFNI Pre School teaching 4 yr olds
Lose teaching job, move to Media Dept to be the Admin Asst to the Director
John passes FSOE and waits for results of Qualifications Evaluation Panel (QEP)
Finds out in Dec. passed QEP

John and Sara go to Atlanta for the Foreign Service Oral Assessment - John passes!
Start process of Medical Clearance and Security Clearance
Esther Study with wonderful women from FOJ!
Medical Clearance Granted
Sara finds out she's pregnant with Roy child #2!!!
Security Clearance Granted 5/15/09
Invitation to Join Foreign Service 146th A-100 starting 6/22/09 given and accepted
Malachi's first seizure on 5/23/05 - has another one before we move
Move to DC 6/20/09
Malachi has three more seizures. Last one lands him in the hospital - perscribed Keppra - hasn't had a seizure since 7/8/09!!!!
John goes through Orientation and gets posted to Chengdu China
Goes through training for his job
Malachi's medical clearance is downgraded because of the seizures - pulled from Chengdu
John starts Spanish until we find out next posting
We take long weekends and go to Baltimore, MD and Virginia Beach, VA
Posted in San Jose Costa Rica!!!
John and Sara find out they're having another boy!!
Pregnancy has a couple of hiccups, but they turn out to be nothing.
John's parents and brother, and sister-in-law come over for Thanksgiving. We all have a nice holiday together.
John, Sara and Malachi have a wonderful Christmas in DC with friends.

That is quite a decade! I'm so thankful about everything that's happened. I know that God has been directing my life to lead exactly where I am. 2010 has great promise with amazing things I already know will happen: have baby, move to Costa Rica, e.g. And things I can't even imagine that will happen. I can't wait to see how the year goes.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season, what ever you celebrate. Blessings!

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Erin said...

Hi! My husband found your blog and shared it with me. We've been with the foreign service for several years and we also are headed to Costa Rica soon! We are also believers and have found the embassy crowd to be a group that really needs Jesus, but doesn't know it!!