Wednesday, December 16, 2009


John's home!!! He was missed so much over the last two weeks. He has some great pictures to share and I think he plans on blogging about it soon.

Another yay in our life came to us at our 31 week check up yesterday. After reading the report from the Radiologist he said that the low placenta is no longer low. I was so happy to hear this news! I now look like any other pregnant woman and now I just need to get the apartment ready for the baby.

We need to go to storage and get a few things. I need to wash the clothes that we get out of storage, I need to set up the play pen with the bassinet attachment in our bedroom for the baby to sleep in and set up a diapering area. We also need to buy a car seat, that being the most important thing. We will use our gift cards from our Dallas shower to buy all the linens that we need and maybe some diapers and wipes.

Unfortunately we brough ALL of Malachi's books with us and they're taking up the bottom two drawers of his dresser. I'm going to buy the kids a book shelf and put all the books on that. Then I'll have two drawers for the baby. They're pretty good sized drawers, so it should be enough room.

I now have less than nine weeks until my due date! I'm so excited to meet him!! John had a dream about him when he was in Guatemala. He had brown hair!


Bron and Jenda said...

Welcome homem John! That's great news about your pregnancy! Praise God! Abigail and Lucie also share a dresser and they each have one drawer (although they each have closet space, too). But Lucie's jammies, undershirts, socks, pants, hats, & bibs all fit in that drawer snugly. You should be ok!

Jen said...

Just found your blog through other FS blogs. Glad to hear your husband made it home safely, and congrats on Costa Rica! Looking forward to reading more about adventures there!