Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Weekend

Wow! What a weekend! John's parents got into town on Thursday morning. The turkey was in the oven, and before noon the whole Roy family was together for an awesome Thanksgiving dinner. It was a chill day with eating and hanging out at our apartment. The grandparents offered to babysit while their kids went sight seeing on Friday.

And that's what we did. John and I took the metro down town and met Ben and Sarah at the National Gallery of Art. We took our time going through, with a break for lunch. Shortly after lunch I wasn't able to walk around anymore so I made my way quickly through the Photography exhibit and then spent about a half hour sitting in the lobby while John, Ben, and Sarah finished and saw most of the famous stuff. It's too bad I missed it, but I could always go back.

After that we headed over to the National Archives. The line to get in was pretty long and very slow moving. Then an employee came to tell us that the line was stopped for the next 15-20 minutes. It was very, very cold outside and we didn't feel like sitting outside for what could be 45 minutes waiting to get in. So instead we headed over to the Natural History Museum because Ben and Sarah were interested in the Hope Diamond. After seeing it, they went through the rest of the gems, and after that we sat in a stairwell resting our feet and trying to figure out our next move.

After some weird looks and some deliberation, we decided that John and I would go home, change, pick up the car and then head back downtown and meet them for dinner. Since it was still freezing outside when we got home, I fixed myself some hot chocolate...it was so tasty! John changed, and we took the car downtown to pick up Ben and Sarah and head to the restaurant. They chose one that served organic, natural, and/or local foods whenever possible. Unfortunately when I read the menu the only thing that looked tasty was one of the most expensive things on the menu and I didn't feel like spending that much that day (even though my husband told me I should (I think something inside me is becoming more frugal, which is weird since John's job provides plenty for us)). I ended up ordering a pasta and a side of carrots. Both of them were really tasty!! The menu said that the pastas were served at a moderate portion. I thought that I would be getting a small portion, which is fine since I'm pregnant and can't eat American sized portions anymore. When I got my pasta I was taken aback by what their definition of moderate was. I felt like I got a big bowl of pasta. I may have eaten too much of it. :)

We headed to a movie, that I ended up not liking, so I walked out and got a refund. I didn't expect anyone else to come out, so I hung out in the lobby, journaling (it's been FOREVER since I've done that) and making lists. I made a pretty comprehensive list of what we need still for the baby.

Saturday we as a whole family went out to Mount Vernon. What a beautiful place! We have lots of great pictures from that, and they're on my facebook. Everyone enjoyed that, and since it's the holidays we got to see the third floor where Martha Washington slept after George died. So many important people visited that house and stayed with the Washingtons, and it's supposed that's where General Washington found out he was voted in as our first president (not what he wanted to hear by the way). It was really great to step back in time and see the house the way it was when the Washingtons lived there.

After we got home I had to nap. I was so exhausted from the weekend so far and I hadn't slept all that great either. When I woke up the in-laws were being taken to the airport by John and Ben and Sarah were watching Malachi. Saturday night was another chill night at our apartment with a movie.

Sunday was church followed by naps and Christmas tree shopping! That's right! John and Malachi went and found us an awesome real Christmas tree (and supported the Boy Scouts too). John set up the tree while I went downtown and picked up Ben and Sarah. We headed back to our apartment to get John and Malachi and all went out for a Peking Duck dinner with some of John's coworkers. It was a tasty meal and it was fun to have Ben and Sarah meet some of our friends. I even made a new friend there with one of John's coworkers that I'd never met before. She and I clicked very quickly.

Yesterday John left at 4:30am for his two week trip to Guatemala. I haven't heard from him since he was in Atlanta. Hopefully he's enjoying his time. I had mom's group with church in the morning, and an ultrasound in the afternoon. The day really went by pretty fast.

Right now I'm going to get off the computer and get ready to pick up Ben and Sarah again. We may be going to a museum by the Dulles Airport, we may not. Either way, I'm taking them to the airport. After that Malachi and I are going to the store to get some things (including Christmas tree lights!).

I'll blog again about my ultrasound appointment, and about Christmas decorating this year.

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Hi Sarah - feel free to come over any time. I know it can get lonely in these apartments!