Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So much to write, So little desire to write it.

It's been a while since I've blogged. I just haven't felt like it.

So last weekend we had a killer storm here (literally). After 11 straight hours of snow fall, we ended up with over 16" of snow. It was the record for December snow fall and the 8th deepest snow the area has recorded. I have had mixed feelings about it. I really hate snow. I hate winter actually. The snow and cold just drive me nuts. People who like it can have it - I don't want it, and don't get me started on dumb winter drivers!! But Malachi LOVES the snow. And it's so much fun to watch him play in it.

Therefore, Malachi and I went out to play during the storm on Saturday. It didn't last very long because Malachi only has cloth gloves (we looked for better ones and couldn't find any). Sunday we went out again with John. The sun was setting, so we'd had some meltage on the car and the snow was able to become heavier and packable. There were some snow balls thrown, Malachi played at the playground in is gear (weird, right?!), and he enjoyed just sitting in the snow (which made him a pretty easy target for daddy.

Sunday night we found out that all government offices in this area were closed on Monday so yesterday John had the day off. What a treat! That means that today and tomorrow are his only work days this week - yay! We did some shopping with a friend and then last night went to see Avatar. We had a pretty good time with our friends.

We're done shopping for Malachi, John and Malachi are out right now getting Malachi's present for me, and mommy is done shopping for daddy. The present to daddy from Malachi is in the mail. I don't expect to get it before Christmas but it shouldn't be too long after.

Out of our families, the only person getting their presents on time is my mom. Everyone else is going to have to wait - sorry.

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Sarah said...

I'm holidng your presents hostage until I get mine. Just kidding. :)