Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

I started this entry on Christmas Eve (which is why the date says the 24th - don't be fooled it's still the 27th) and then the internet stopped working in the middle of my writing the post and Christmas was busy for us, and since then I haven't been in a blogging mood. I'm still not in a blogging mood, but if I don't write something quick it's going to be a crazy entry. As it is, I think I'll make it two entries so I don't have one that's crazy long. Enjoy Christmas Entry #1:

One of my fears for this season is that we'd have nothing to do today and it wouldn't feel like Christmas Eve. That did not happen.

This morning we checked the hours for Costco and made it there 10 minutes after they opened. We bought the one present we went for (which I can't yet divulge because this person hasn't received it yet (note: it was ketchup - and it's a very funny story)) and the boys ate pizza for breakfast. We made it out of the store 10 minutes after they normally open and when we were leaving it was so crazy. People were pouring in to do last minute shopping. The lines to get in the parking lot were at least 15 cars long. We stopped at Target and a grocery store to get presents for a game we're playing at a friend's house tomorrow and food for their party.

After that we went home and while I wrapped presents and Malachi watched TV, John was somewhere doing something. What he was doing has completely left my mind.

During Malachi's nap John played his xbox and I did dishes. Our friend (who's more like family) came over and we sat talking for quite a while until Malachi woke up.

Once he did we made our way over to the White House and saw the Christmas Tree. I was underwhelmed by the tree but the whole display was pretty cool. They had Santa's Workshop, a Nativity Scene, a Yule Log, and around the base of the tree was a very long train track and a couple of villages, one of them being a Thomas village.

After that we came home and I taught our friend how to make one of my recipes that she's had with us and she really likes. She's young and not very experienced in the kitchen and when she had it the first time thought it was too complicated to make by herself. I tried to convince her that it's not because I don't do complicated. She was excited to find out on Thursday night that it's a lot easier than she originally thought. It was a lot of fun for me to teach her - although really, she's so smart that it was more like we made it together and I didn't have to "teach" her much.

I can't remember what we did after dinner, and neither can John. Malachi went to bed on time (not what happens most of the time), and I went to bed early while John stayed up late. We didn't have anything to do to prepare for the morning so as far as I know he just chilled.

Malachi woke up at about 2:30am. He said he had a bad dream. We let him come into bed with us for a little bit and then sent him to his bed. I couldn't fall back asleep and I thought I was keeping John awake (I was) so I came out to the living room. I turned on the TV and opened the laptop to play spider solitaire. Malachi joined me after a few minutes crying saying he was scared. I let him sit with me for a while, but his eyes wandered a lot to the tree and the HUGE pile of presents under it. I sent him back to bed. I made my way back to bed at 5:00 am to sleep until 8.

See Christmas Entry #2 for the rest of the 2009 Roy Christmas Story.

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