Sunday, December 6, 2009

Runny Nose

We seem to be battling a runny nose. That with the combination of the black ice and snow on the roads means we're not going to church. No fever to speak of and very little coughing. Hopefully this doesn't get bad.

We're still missing John. I've gotten to talk to him on Skype a couple of times. It's been great to hear his voice. I can't wait until he blogs about his trip, he's experienced some great things. It sounds like the immersion is really working to. Accoring to the paper chain it's eight days and about 12 hours until we see him again. It's probably too early to start counting down the hours.

I went to a women's meeting yesterday. We had a pot luck brunch and our Pastor's wife spoke to us on Isaiah 61: 1-4. That God is with us during the rough times in our lives, and if we're not the ones going through the rough times then maybe we're the ones to preach the good news to those going through it, for the Glory of God. We broke up into small groups and the moms all got together to reflect on what Ms Lisa said and to bring up anything we might need prayer for.

When the leader of our group asked me if there was anything I needed, I brought up the low placenta issue. I really want a miracle from God. I want Him to move the placenta up so I don't have to have a c-section. I believe that He can! However! If he decides not to, I know that he's Sovereign and he'll be with me through the whole c-section process. I'll keep y'all updated on that.


Code Yellow Mom said...

I hope everything is going better and you all are over the sniffles and surviving the time without Daddy! My husband went to Iraq for 100 days when my two oldest were three and one, and we had a paper chain, too. :)

You asked on my blog what a blessing was - in our church, a new baby is blessed (usually by her dad) and officially given the name that they will be known by throughout life and on the records of the church. It's similar to a dedication that some churches have, in which the child is prayed for and blessed with health and strength and wisdom and a knowledge of the Savior, etc., and a day when the baby's parents present the baby to the church family. It's different than a baptism or christening because it's not exactly an ordinance or sacrament, it's just a blessing. But we still like to dress the baby in white - my boys all had little white suits, so it was fun to do a fancy dress for Jane. :)

(Sorry to blab on your blog - just didn't want to ignore your question...)

I'll pray for you and your pregnancy - it really is worrisome to contemplate the possibilities of complications. I hope all goes well.

Bethany Taylor said...

Sara, I love the new blog look. . . very seasonal. I'm hoping to have a get together here for cookie decorating and would love for you and Malachi to join us! =) I'll try to get you more info soon. And I'm praying everyone is feeling better at your house! love ya!