Wednesday, December 2, 2009

4 Year Well Check

Today was his 4 year check up. The nurse called him in and weighed and measured him. And then we went next door and he did a vision test and a hearing test. It was so much fun to see him do those! I was sad that John couldn't witness that. The nurse said that he did perfectly on both.

The Dr. was really impressed by him. She said that some of his skills (I think verbal mostly) were at a five or six year old level. She just really gave him a glowing report. She said we need to bring him to the dentist. She gave me a recommendation for a great (her words) Pediatric Dentist in the area. She said the 4th year is the one for developing social skills, therefore we need to make sure he gets lots of opportunities for social interaction.

Then we discussed shots. He was eligible for four boosters. I decided to do them all and get them over with. When the nurse came in with the needles he got really scared. She had to go out and get another nurse. I had been discussing shots with him and reminded him that it hurt for just a little bit and then stopped hurting. Apparently our talks didn't seem to help. The only thing I didn't try was singing with him. The crying, rage, and fighting actually calmed down during the shots and he didn't need too much calming after they were done. Poor guy!

Then he peed in a cup! That's right...peed in a cup! I had him sit on the toilet and put the cup under him. It was a little awkward, but it worked out pretty well. Then he accidentally spilled it when getting his hat, which was near the cup, from the back of the toilet. Almost all of it spilled, but I told him it was my fault because I told him to get the hat while the cup was still up there. The nurse said there was enough left. Whew! I felt really bad.

We've done well so far with keeping busy since John left. I made two paper chains today. One to countdown John getting back, and one to countdown until Christmas. I have to get off the computer now though, and play Uno Moo with Malachi - I promised. :)

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