Sunday, January 3, 2010


The meaning of the title is two-fold.

One: It's very, very cold here in North Virginia. Right now according to my little weather gadget it's 27 degrees but according to we have a wind chill of 8 degrees. My father-in-law commented on the way to the car this morning that without the wind it wouldn't really be that bad. He's right.

Two: I have a cold. This makes me very sad. I've been able to go so far this "sick season" with out catching anything. It's actually a pretty amazing feat because John's been sick a couple of times. Things tend to be passed around FSI a lot. I woke up on the 1st with a fairly runny nose. I drank a lot of water that day, and then yesterday I didn't drink as much water and things didn't move as freely. The same can be said today. The cold's not too bad. I've been able to make meals (washing hands of course) and go to church, but my sinuses are stuffed up and starting to hurt tonight.

I had been noticing throught my pregnancy a scary thing. It seemed that my hearing was starting to go. In a not normal way for me to handle medical things, I hadn't talked to anyone about it. It scared me because there's a family history of hearing issues. I really didn't want to be under 30 and starting to lose my hearing. And then on the 1st, after all the drainage started all of a sudden my hearing is back in full force. It's a very weird thing for me and the world has gotten very loud. I have an OB check up tomorrow, so I'll bring that up and see if water retention could get that bad and cause these symptoms.

Today has been an emotional day...


I have to interupt this blogging session to announce that Malachi just taught his grandma Spanish.

Malachi (to Grandma): Como se llama?
Grandma: My name is Grandma.
Malachi: No, no, no. Me llamo Grandma.

And now back to your regular blogging.

...because today is the day in my previous pregnancy in which I went into the hospital and all the drama started. Also, I'm having symptoms that I never had with Malachi's pregnancy. One of them being an extreme difficulty in breathing. I never remember Malachi getting in the way of my breathing. I was actually getting pretty scared yesterday because even laying down wasn't helping with my breathing. I also realized that my heart beat was really fast. I took my pulse and it was 220 bpm. That freaked me out even more. John, being the awesome hubby that he is calmed me down a bit and suggested I go watch something funny. I went into my bedroom and set up Coupling (the BBC version - one of the funniest TV shows I've ever seen) and John and I watched an episode. In 15 minutes my pulse went down to 150 bpm. At the end of the half hour it was at 160 bpm. I was satisfied that I wasn't going to need to go to the hospital. Before John came in to watch TV with me he did a bit of research. He told me that the breathing difficulty is very normal in the 8th month when the baby's so big and is pushing against the mother's diaphragm. It supposedly gets easier to breath once the baby drops which could happen any time.

This morning I noticed another symptom that I didn't have with Malachi (to my knowledge) but it's not really sharable. Let's just say it's weird and freaked me out. I've done some research on this symptom and it looks to be very common. It could be caused by a few different things, so I'm glad I can just talk to the Dr about it tomorrow.

I started writing this blog entry many hours ago, and about an hour ago I got out of bed unable to fall asleep because of everything on my mind. I figured I would finish it and post it now. This seems to be a trend in my life the last few entries. At least this entry didn't sit for days. I was going to try to find some pictures on an old hard drive of me during my last pregnany so I could post them here for y'alls enjoyment. However, the hard drive they're on still isn't accessable yet. Maybe some day...maybe.

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