Sunday, January 17, 2010

The cold that won't go away...and other stuff

Remember the cold that I had a couple of weeks ago? Well it seems that Malachi did catch it and it was dormant until a few days ago. This cold never seemed to bring his spirits down, and on the first day that he was pretty sick, I had to work at keeping him laying down and watching t.v. He never seemed to get much of a fever if any at all, and he's barely coughing now. He is still suffering from nasal congestion and is still blowing some pretty colors (she says sarcastically). We skipped church today to keep his cold with in the family (hopefully). Malachi was supposed to graduate to the next class up today with his friend Kimberly, who I'm sure is very sad he's gone from church, again.

Yesterday morning we went to Costco with a couple who is moving to Ecuador in May and wanted to start stocking up with things that they need to bring down with them. We spent quite a while walking through the warehouse, but fortunately for me it was at such a slow pace that I didn't have too much of a hard time. I did take a break in the furniture section at one point, but so did the rest of the group. I found a leather chair and ottoman that I really like and would be good for nursing, and would serve to be just an awesome chair for our furniture collection (and would really be the first thing we bought for our furniture collection since we gave away our old living room furniture). I didn't get the chair and ottoman, but I did get a pack of socks! I've needed new socks for a while. I probably should've just gotten two new packs of socks and thrown away the old socks that are now hole-y. We went to a restaurant for dinner with them called City Diner. None of us had been there, and only two of us liked their food. I don't think Malachi liked his food either. But we were all really hungry and ate the food, even if we didn't like it. I'm happy for the two that did like it though, at least we all weren't eating food we didn't like.

After a short nap for Malachi and I we went to a couple's house (with their knowledge of Malachi's cold, and permission to bring him over) to have dinner and games with them while the kids played and watched movies. We've known this wonderful couple for over seven years now and have enjoyed living near them again, if even for a short time. We don't get to see them often enough and we really enjoyed our time last night. The adults sat in the living room for dinner and the kids sat in the dining room. After John and I had both finished our dinner and were enjoying the fellowship with our friends, we heard one of their kids yelling out to us that Malachi did something, to which he yelled out to us that he puked.

I took him to the bathroom to clean up, and asked him what happened. He replied that he took too big of a bite and choked on his food. He's done this once before...when he was two. I know that he didn't learn from this lesson because this morning he ate half of his clementine in one bite. /sigh

I'm really loving that John has tomorrow off. I wonder what we'll do...probably hang out and rest, my favorite thing to do right now.

My due date is in less than a month, weird, and cool. I love that he's chillaxing and growing and waiting until he's ready to come out. I'm still looking forward to a normal labor and delivery.

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I love you!!

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