Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am alive!

My mother in law called me recently to see how I was doing. She noticed I'd been very silent on my blog the last few days.

I have had some very blog worthy things happen the last few days, but I haven't had a computer to blog with. We've been not so patiently waiting for the arrival of our new netbook. It arrived today! I now have a computer that I can do more than update my Facebook status and read my emails with. BTW my phone makes for a horrible computer.

Since I last blogged, I've had two Dr appointments, almost fell asleep during worship at church, had a surprise baby shower at mom's group, and got a few more things done for the arrival of the baby. You'll notice, I didn't put on there that I had the baby.

Nope. Not yet. I'm also not patiently waiting for that. I'm trying though. I know it's good for him to be in there as long as possible. I also know that I can for sure say that he'll be with us no later than the 23rd of February, because my Drs don't let their patients carry more than 41 weeks. I'm really hoping to go into labor naturally though, and avoid the pitocin. I hate pitocin - it's evil.

The surprise baby shower with my girl friends in mom's group was so great. My friend Elissa is due three weeks and one day after I am, so they did a joint shower for us both. We're all hoping that I'll have the baby before the next mom's group meets because I'm so ready for this son of mine to show his face. I don't want to be pregnant on the 9th. We both got some great gifts - I'm going to make one of the outfits his wear home outfit because the pants match a pair of pants that Malachi has and I can't wait to see them wearing the same pants and take lots of pictures of that! Our friends prayed over us before we parted and that was such a blessing for both of us. Neither of us is having a first child (this is her third) so both of us are understandably tired and overwhelmed by the responsibilities to our families and our pregnancies. The prayers brought so much peace for both of us.

I had my 37 week appointment yesterday. The exam showed that I'm still as pregnant as can be and have not started any kind of labor. I was really hoping she'd tell me I'd started dilating or effacing, but oh well. He'll come...eventually. :) I have all my appointments scheduled through my pregnancy. My last appointment is scheduled for the day before my due date. If we're not in labor by that day, I'm sure they'll schedule an induction. Please, please pray that I don't have to be induced. Like I already said: pitocin = evil.

On the Foreign Service front: John got his orders and we also got our housing survey. The two of us are now deciding what our priorities are for housing. Some are obvious of course like security. I've also started research into schools. It looks like we have some pretty good options. I should also find a pediatrician and a neurologist for Malachi. I'm probably going to have to bring the baby to the pediatrician shortly after we move down there for a check up. It all seems like its getting more real, oh and BTW we're moving to post in mid-April. John has to work out with his boss exactly what day, but it looks like we'll be down there in about 12 weeks. I'm so excited!!


Anonymous said...

12 weeks until Costa Rica? YAY!

YES - re: my latest blog post ... if you find a kindred spirit ... or even folks you can stand to hang with ... make the best of it!! Enjoy them ... learn from them ... and spend time with them! They'll make all the difference in your time there!

TulipGirl said...

That is SO exciting -- and so close! It's not easy moving with a newborn, but doable. (We moved with two of our four being brand-new babies. The one perk? People are extra willing to help out!)