Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day

It snowed all day yesterday and into the night. Church was cancelled today due to the fact that all Arlington buildings were closed. Don't think we would've made it to church anyway. I slept in until 10am this morning. Thank you John! It was weird though because when I looked at my clock it said 9 o'clock. I was surprised to find that it was an hour behind. Don't know how that happened. Or when that happened. Does that mean that I went to sleep at 2:11 last night after finishing my book instead of 1:11 like I thought?

Last night I packed the hospital bags. I had started the baby's a while ago. I put a few more things in there and packed for John and I, except our toiletries of course.

Some friends are coming over later today to help me clean and organize in preparation for John's big party on Tuesday. Part of the help I need involves organizing baby stuff because it's strewn all over our bedroom which is where we can do some party over flow and people can use the restroom, so I want to make sure it looks good too.

Malachi has been amazing lately. He's at an age where he learns so much so quick. Yesterday he was learning how to tell time on a wall clock that isn't digital. He's been learning about it on his little digital clock, but it was so much fun to see him learning about the small hand and big hand of the clock.

I don't know if he understands how close we are to bringing home his little brother. I've been pregnant for so long, I wonder if he thinks this baby is ever coming out. I think he'll be amazing when his brother comes home though. Malachi's such a caring young boy. I know he'll love his brother so much.

I've decided and have told God that the best day for me to have our son is Friday Feb 12th. John has a long weekend that weekend, so if I went into labor after 2pm on that day - it would be great. Of course I know that no matter when he comes, it will be great. I'm just so excited!!!!!

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fsowannabe said...

Just found you and your wife's blogs and am enjoying them immensely as I face some of the challenges you've already overcome (I've got a long way to go as I just passed the FSOA last week). My oldest daughter (who is 3) was diagnosed with febrile seizures, so I definitely understand all you've been through, and I certainly am realized there is still a possibility to serve as an FSO even if your child isn't granted a full medical clearance. Congratulations on baby #2!