Thursday, January 14, 2010

Great Date. Sick Kid.

Yesterday morning I noticed Malachi had some symptoms of a cold coming on. I thought I would observe him throughout the day and see if we needed to cancel our date and the babysitter. I don't remember seeing anymore symptoms.

I went out shortly before our date and had some facial waxing done and got a manicure. I was a little worried that my skin wouldn't calm down after the waxing. But the dining room was dark so John said he couldn't see anything. It had calmed down a lot by the time we got to dinner, but still wasn't back to normal.

We went to a great restaurant called Ristorante Tosca. It's restaurant week in DC so we got an amazing deal. We had great food and the company was awesome (for me at least, hopefully for John too). We both looked great. I wish we'd taken a picture actually. John got a new shirt and wore a suit. He looked really, really nice. I wore a dress that I already had, but looks great now too. It's a red knee length dress and when I paired that with my black tall boots, I had a great look going on. It's nice to feel sexy this late in pregnancy.

I got a lot of reactions to the belly last night, mostly just stares or smiles. One of the waiters guessed I was two weeks away from birth (it's possible!) and as I was walking out of the ladies room and another guy was walking into the mens room he did a double take and exclaimed loudly "whoa." Usually I don't mind attention like that, but it seemed weird. We really enjoyed our dinner and made our way home.

When we got home at close to 10pm Malachi was still up. He has all his babysitter's wrapped around his little finger. From now on I think John and I need to be more "strict" about when they put him down. They had a lot of fun. I talked to my friend for a bit before she left and then we put Malachi down. He seemed to have a stuffy nose when he went to sleep. I told him that he could come tell me during the night if he didn't feel well.

And that he did. He came in at 5:45 this morning to tell me just that. As he was telling me he coughed and displayed a very stuffed nose. I prayed for him and then got some of the little bit of Chilren's Sudafed we had left and gave him some. I had us lie down for a little bit but at 6:10 I could tell that he wasn't going to be going back to sleep. John's alarm was going to go off at 6:15 anyways and he was going to be making noise getting ready for work so I decided not to even get frustrated trying to get more rest.

So I turned on the TV for what I supposed would be a day of laying around watching TV. I didn't imagine the difficulty it would be to keep him laying down doing that. He really wants to just get up and play. I'm very happy about that, except I want him to lay down and rest to get better.

Right now he's watching season 1 of the original Transformers cartoon. He got that for his birthday and he loves it. My day looks to be full of trying to keep him in a mostly horizontal position. That plus paying bills - some people might not like that, I love it. It feels great to pay them.

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