Monday, October 5, 2009

Whew! Part 2

Saturday morning John went to the store to pick some things up and I cooked and cleaned. We were preparing for a visit from our friends from TX. The Salerno Family moved on the same weekend we did to a town two hours south of us. They got here around 12:30 and we went outside. The men grilled the hot dogs while the moms watched the kids play on the playgroung. Since hot dogs don't take too long to grill, the kids didn't get to play very long, but I honestly don't think they cared.

After lunch with them we hung out for a bit and then went back outside where everyone but the moms played tennis for a bit. My child and the youngest Salerno felt like coming in before everyone else, so I brought them in. The Roys and Salernos hung out for a few more hours and then they made the long treck home.

Saturday night it was John's turn to go to a movie with friends. I stayed home with the boy. The weekend had been so exhausting so I enjoyed just chilling the rest of the night. Malachi and I watched part of a move before he went to bed. John came home and we vegged the rest of the night 'til I fell asleep (around 10:30 - early, but so needed).

Sunday was normal I guess. Church, Chipotle, nap, Volleyball, and dinner. We had a lot of fun at dinner though because a bunch of us hung out at the grill. It was dark and a bit chilly, so I don't know how many more dinners will be out there. It's a nice area though, so it'll be nice to do it again in the spring.

Today was my first Life Group meeting for our church. I might have singed up for a few (Moms, Womens, Meals, Explore DC, and 2:42 (just eating and fellowshipping)). It sounds like a lot, but all of those are maybe once a month, except Moms which is every other week, and Meals is just on a need basis no meetings as far as I know.

So anyway, today I started the Mom's Group. There were a lot more people there than I expected. We had nine moms including me and the two leaders. Malachi was the second to oldest and there were a ton of babies and toddlers. We had a day mostly of just chatting, getting to know each other and then introductions. We're going to read The Power of the Praying Parent by Stormie O'Martian. I look forward to much insight into the power I have as a parent, and how to use it.

On tonights docket: shopping and dinner.


Stephanie Ann said...

nice profile pic. I especially like your jewelry!

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Thanks :)

Sarah said...

Like the new fall look, but the text/links on the right side are very hard to see now.