Friday, October 9, 2009

2nd Pregnancy

So many things are different with this pregnancy from the last. I've heard so many people say that every pregnancy is different, and I didn't believe them. I especially didn't believe them in the first couple months of this pregnancy because it started out exactly the same as the last one. My morning sickness was exactly the same, the headaches are the same, and the excitement is the same.

However, the more this pregnancy progresses the more different it becomes. I've done a lot of whining lately. It's unfortunate for anyone who hasn't had a kid, and for my family. I have friends who I think I've scared from having children because of all the whining, it's too bad really.

I want to use this as an outlet instead of my mouth. Of course, this will reach many more people, but I think a lot of my readers are moms of more than one child and can understand and sympathize.

I had no idea coming into this pregnancy how hard it would be on my body. Only half way through my pregnancy and I'm so easily exhausted and really quite sore. Sleeping is very difficult because it's hard to get comfortable. Although, the last week has been a bit easier because I'm just so exhausted.

Doing chores is quite a...well...chore. I've decided that instead of doing everything at once and completely wearing myself out, I'm going to have to change my habits. I'm going to have to do laundry every two to three days so I can use my wheeled cart. Dishes are probably going to have to be loaded as closely to when they're used as possible instead of letting them pile up.

Also I think Malachi is going to be helping me a lot with picking up the apartment. He's really good at it, so he will be a big help. I've come up with a system to put all his toys from our room and the living room/dining room on a side table next to the hall. He knows prett well now, that when he sees toys there he needs to put them away. I wish I'd thought of this sooner. I'm so thankful that he's big enough to do a lot by himself. He's also pretty good at occupying himself. Bending is quite a hard thing lately, so I think he's going to be picking things up off the floor for me. Although, I am pretty skilled with my toes.

John has been a really big help the last few days. It was hard for him to understand why it's been so hard for me. In my last pregnancy I worked until I went to the hospital (I worked a full shift the day I went to the hospital), and I had a lot more energy. Some how, taking care of a four year old is harder than standing for 8-9 hours a day. After I explained to him that this pregnancy was so different, he's realized I really need a lot more help. I'm trying to not take advantage of him because his work is pretty stressful. He feels like he's under a lot of pressure to learn Spanish for our next post. I know though, that if I need him to do something, he's there for me. All I need to do is ask.

So, I think I'm done here. I hope I haven't scared anyone away from pregnancy. I know that it will all be worth it in must a few short months when I get to see the fruit of my labor.

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