Monday, October 5, 2009

Whew! Part 1

What a weekend!

Malachi and I headed out to the car of Friday morning to go get his hair cut. After getting Malachi all strapped into the car and getting myself strapped into the car I tried starting the car - to no avail. The few days prior to that it would have a hard time starting and we thought it was due to the cold, even though it would get at least that cold (and colder) in TX.

I texted John and told him the problem, and he diagnosed it as a dead battery. I asked my wonderful neighbor Nicole if she could jump my car. Thankfully she had jumper cables and the time to jump our car.

Malachi and I made our way to the nearest National Tire & Battery. After checking us in the guy said that it would be about a 30-45 minute wait for our car. I asked if there was anything within walking distance of interest to a four year old (it's simpler to say that instead of three and four quarters year old). Another employee responded saying there was a Starbucks down the road and around the corner. Perfect! Malachi loves going to Starbucks and getting chocolate milk.

Either I didn't understand the directions or he miss-spoke. Either way, the way I went didn't work. I could see a major road from where I ended up, so I just headed that way. I ended up finding a Starbucks in a strip mall and I was so happy because I had dissapointed said three and four quarters year old with the news that I couldn't find the Starbucks. We got a very healthy lunch there consisting of fruit, salad, chocolate milk (for the boy) and fruit juice (for the mommy and baby). By the time we got there and sat down we had been walking for over half an hour, and had gone about a mile. It was quite exhausting for both of us.

After we ate Malachi said he wanted to go to a store. So we stopped in TJ Maxx and got him three outfits for winter and Malachi picked out a onsie for baby brother. I really love the idea of him buying clothes for his brother (he's done it twice now). I think it'll help him to grow love for him (hmm this could get confusing). After that we walked all the way back to the car shop. Did I mention that half the way is uphill and half the way is down? No?! Well it is...and it's very tiring for both of us. I guess I got good exercise.

After getting back to the store and waiting 10 minutes for anyone to come to the front room to help me, we hopped into the car and finally headed out to get his hair cut. It was WAAAAAAY past nap time by this point and I was starting to see signs of Malachi being tired, so I tried (successfully) to keep him awake on the way to the kids salon. After getting his hair cut, no wait - thank you God, we finally headed home. By this point we had been out for over three and a half hours. Everyone was very tired from the days events.

We got home and Malachi went down for a nap. It was so late into the afternoon that I knew John would be calling after work and I didn't want to go to sleep to be woken up. I also didn't want to put the phone on silent and miss a call in case he got news of where we were being posted. He called promptly at 4:30 and informed me of our next posting. Saddly we're sworn to secrecy (which we've mostly been keeping) because we "stole" the post from the new class. Things like that happen all the time, and they've surely been notified of the change already, but apparently our CDO doesn't want the class to find out who stole it until after Flag Day. What ever. We can share our posting with the cyber world Friday evening (their Flag Day is Friday).

That night I went out to a movie with some girlfriends. We went and saw Whip It. We had a really good time and we all enjoyed the movie. After that I was so wipped out from the day that I watched two Grey's Anatomy episodes and then went to bed.

I have to get ready for my first Mom's Group for church. I'm excited for Malachi and I to meet some new friends. In fact I have to leave in half an hour so I really need to get moving. I'll try my best to do the rest of the weekend later today.


Jill said...

Congrats on getting your new posting... hopefully it's some place that you'll enjoy!

Perhaps Chennai?

Sarah said...

Hey, I saw Whip It too! Made me excited for Roller Derby season.

Sara said...

Jill - unfortunately (and partly fortunately) it's not on that side of the world.

Sarah - you gonna join?