Thursday, October 22, 2009


John is leaving on the 30th of November for a trip to Guatemala. He'll be gone for two weeks. I suppose I better get used to this. As the wife of a diplomat there's bound to be work travel involved in his job that I don't join him for. In Guatemala he's going to live with a host family, go to class with a teacher from the Foreign Service Institute (one goes with them (them being the group of 7 people that we know and love that are going with)) and then spend the rest of the day immersed in the Spanish language and culture. He's very excited to go.

I'm a lot less excited. I hate being alone (yes I know I'll have the company of my son, but I dislike being with out an adult). I've never lived by myself and honestly I'm a little scared of being by myself. Even though we live in a secure building there are still over 150 apartment in this building and I don't know very many of the tenants. There are just so many strangers.

I know that it's very likely nothing will happen. I just have a very active imagination. On the plus side! I'll have the King Size bed all to myself for two weeks! I LOVE having the bed to myself!

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