Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To Bounce or Not to Bounce

Yesterday after Malachi's nap we headed out west to Sport Bounce. It's a big warehouse full of different bounce houses. John found this place online and thought Malachi would like it.

We got there and Malachi was really excited. We payed his admission ($10 for the open bounce time - we were there for an hour of it) took off his and dad's shoes (parents bounce for free) and headed to the bounce houses. The only problem: Malachi didn't want to bounce.

He ran to the baby room, and when we told him it was a baby room, he then went to the lounge and tried to play Foosball but couldn't find a ball and I wasn't going to the front desk to get one.

Finally daddy got Malachi to play hide and seek with him on the bounce houses. They went through a couple this way and Malachi was a little unsure. Then after Malachi got into one and daddy found him he was encouraged to follow some kids. He followed them right through it and down the slide - which he enjoyed.

Bingo! The key to Malachi's enjoyment was found. He just needed to find some kids to play with. After a while he and a boy found each other and they played together for over half an hour. Malachi ended up doing every single one more than once and when we left and John asked which was his favorite he said the one with the water. There isn't any actual water, it's just decorated like a water slide. We were surprised by this answer because it was one of the biggest and he spent most of his time on another one. It was the last one he did though, so maybe that affected his answer.

Unfortunately we forgot the camera so we have no pictures of this fun time.

After that we made our way over to a mall that was nearby to get a little shopping done before dinner. I bought a book we're going through for Mom's Group, got a pair of pants and some shirts. John got a couple of shirts, and so did Malachi. My son bought Star Wars shirts. Yes people, he chose them. After that we headed to Red Robin to have some very delicious burgers and then headed home.

All in all it was about four hours, but after we were done I was completely exhausted and very sore. It's definitely too much for me to do. Before this pregnancy I could've done that and more. Man! I really didn't expect to be like this, this early.

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