Saturday, October 10, 2009

Costa Rica and Baby Stuff

So, if you haven't read John's blog, then I'll tell you now. We're heading to San Jose, Costa Rica in May! Well...that's the plan, this is the Foreign Service...anything could happen.

John's doing well in Spanish, and I am so excited to live in Costa Rica again. I'm sure two years as an adult with a family is going to be very different from the three months as a young single girl just out of high school. But still, I'd like to re-connect with the friends I had back then.

Now I gotta work on getting my Spanish language skills going again. Until about three weeks ago I was the Spanish "expert" in the family because I had more experience. It really didn't take long for John to get enough of the language down where he is definitely now the family expert. Somehow I need to catch up.

I miss Team China from John's Orientation class, but I think there are a lot of fun/neat people heading to Mexico, Latin, and South America so it's fun to hang out with them and plan trips to see each other. Sorry Mexico people, but I wont be heading that way.

There's a ton to do to prepare for living there. There's also a ton to do to prepare for the new baby. One of those things is working with the State Department to get all of the baby stuff out of storage. Normally I would have to wait until we moved to C.R. to get it all out but since there's a baby on the way I should be able to get those items. However, I do think there are about four different departments I need to talk to in order to make this happen. I need to find out from John exactly what the process is so I can take care of it.

Our registry is mostly complete and is at Baby's R Us. It was a little hard doing that with out having gone through the stuff we already have, but some of the stuff I KNOW for sure we don't have, for instance, a glider. The one we registered for is so comfortable I may never get out of it. Some of the stuff I registered for is just for fun. I know we have enough clothes for two babies so I didn't register for any of that. I love registry stuff, and I can't wait for my shower in Dallas. The ladies that are throwing that for me are amazing. I'm so blessed that they're doing this for me.


Jill said...

Congrats, congrats on your C.R. assignment! We have had several friends posted there - who've LOVED it!! Yay...

Sara said...

That's great! So glad to hear it.