Friday, July 31, 2009


Tomorrow I go home and see hubby after being gone for a week. I'm a bit excited ;)

Malachi and I have been having a good time with family this week. Aunt Stephanie and him have been getting to be really good friends and he's spent most of this day with her. He behaves really well with her - I wonder how she does it ;)

After his nap this afternoon we're heading up to Ben and Sarah's. I'll be there for one night, he'll be there for two. Rick and Mickey are taking him over to the Zoo tomorrow. At least that's the plan. I haven't told him that yet, just in case it doesn't happen.

Unfortunately my camera batter died on Monday at the MoA and I didn't bring the charger. So I haven't gotten very many pictures. My sister and my aunt did get some great pictures. Malachi used Steph's camera to take some awesome pictures too. Hopefully those will be posted on Facebook soon so we can see them.

Malachi's off to his nap now, and we're going to watch Pride and Prejudice (one of my most favorite movies).

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