Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Look

My blog has a new look. Tell me what you think. Also, check out:


Pat said...

I don't know what it looked like before - I went to John's last week when you linked to it from your notes, but I didn't go to your 'cause I figured I'd just read via facebook your thoughts.

I do like the look, just can't compare it. I DO totally agree with your order of who you are: Jesus first, husband second, children third, then others, then self. Of course "woman" is who you are with and to others as well as your self-identify. "Self-identify" - I'm not sure I even like that phrase, but it is so popular today.

I love you, Dear Heart, and miss you!

Sara said...

Thank you Pat! Keep an eye on John's blog, tomorrow you'll see a big announcement!

Crystal said...

I love it!!! I hope you are doing well and yor husband has a great Orientation : ) Blessings to you~