Tuesday, July 28, 2009


No! It's July people!!

I am in Minnesota though. We came in on Saturday for John's 10 year class reunion which was on Saturday night. He had a really good time. I was really sore from the pregnancy and a lack of good shoes. That inhibited me from having a good time. But it was fun to watch John get reunited with some of his friends from school. We met a guy who's currently living in Beijing for business. That was a good contact to make.

Sunday morning we went to our old church here, City Hill Fellowship. Most of the people didn't recognize me with out my long blond hair, but after seeing John they knew who I was. We really enjoyed our time there, reconnecting with people we haven't seen in years. The worship and the sermon were great - very refreshing after being gone from our home church in Dallas for five weeks.

Sunday night I drove to Glenwood, MN where John's parents live because Malachi was there all weekend. What a blessing!! Monday morning we drove down to my mom's house. We've been hanging out with them since (yes I realize it's only Tuesday morning).

Today we're taking Malachi to the Mall of America! I'm very, very excited about that. When I was looking up their hours I found out it's Toddler Tuesday. We'll see what events are going on for that - and Malachi gets to eat free at Chipotle today - yay! Free taco for Malachi!!

I'm really missing John - more than normal when I'm away. Wonder if hormones have anything to do with that.


John said...

I miss you too!

Crystal said...

I hope you are having a good trip!! It has been very cold this summer for us in Michigan. Has it been a cold summer in MN? Praying fo ryou~

Crystal said...
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Sara said...

At first they had some record highs, but lately it's been a little cooler. It's still in the 70's but it's a lot cooler than VA, or Dallas.

Sarah Novak said...

Congrats on Chengdu! Very exciting! You must be thrilled! When is your wheels up date?

Hugs, Sarah

Sara said...

Thanks Sarah! We're very excited!! You'll have a place to stay and friends in Western China if you feel like visiting ;)

Sara said...

Oh, and we don't have a set date. We have a wheels up month. April is when we're supposed to leave. Probably late April.