Monday, July 6, 2009

Less than a day

until his EEG. We're supposed to be in the office tomorrow at 8:15 to fill out paperwork for his 8:30 appointment. John and I have been talking to him about his appointment, telling him that he needs to answer all questions they ask. I told him they're going to put stickers on his head and look at his brain.

With his recent aversion to anyTHING medical and large tears at the sight of anyONE medical I thought it would be better to prepare him. Hopefully tomorrow wont be as hard as I expect because of the talking about it. My friend Bethany will be picking us up tomorrow morning to hopefully leave by 8:00. I can only let him sleep tonight for five hours and I have to keep him awake on the way to the appointment. I'm so thankful that Bethany is going to drive us so I can do that. I'm also thankful that it's only about a 10-12 minute drive away so we're not in the car all that long.

I'll update tomorrow after we get home and Malachi is sleeping peacefully.

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