Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time to learn

I've been learning so much about myself in the last four/five week:How Strong I am, How Weak I am; How Loved I am, How Much I Love.

People say that each pregnancy is different, and I didn't believe it. But this pregnancy has been different than the last. I think the morning sickness is starting to wane. I'm starting to have a bit more energy (although it's still pretty hard to run after a 3 year old). With the last one these symptoms didn't subside until week 13ish. I really love having Malachi "hug" the baby or say good morning to the baby.

Speaking of baby, we got Malachi a baby doll to practice being a big brother. So far we really haven't done too much practicing, but he really like "feeding" the baby.

Right now Malachi's getting himself dressed. We're going to go outside and ride his new bike. I'll have to post pictures...I might do it.

Bethany and their kids are coming over in a couple of hours to swim and have lunch.

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