Friday, August 7, 2009

Much Needed Update

If you follow John's blog you know he's been sick. He woke up on Wednesday with a temperature of 101.9. In our whole marriage I've never known him to have a fever that high. He was not very excited to miss a day of work - he's not really supposed to take leave of any kind. Luckily he has been accruing sick time. Wednesday he spent most of the day sleeping. He's never been brought down this much by anything except maybe his oral surgery. Yesterday another fever, another day off. The thing about his fever is that it was very He slept a little less but still was really down. Last night before we went to sleep I convinced him to go to Urgent Care if he had any high temp.

Today he woke up with a temp of 99.1. The lowest since the fever started, but his throat still was killing him. He emailed his boss and said he'd be out another day - starting to think that he's going to have to re-do this whole week at work another time.

The Urgent Care opened at 9 but he didn't want to go right away because he thought it would be packed. I think we left at about 10am. After dropping John off Malachi and I made our way to the library. We had a great time looking for books, and Malachi colored while I did that. Unfortunately I didn't have any proof of my residence in VA so I had to leave it all aside and go back later.

After being at a park for 5 or 10 minutes John texted to say that he was done. Malachi and I made our way back to the car and picked him up. His throat culture was positive for strep throat! No one in this family has had strep throat...well...since this family started. John and I haven't had strep since we were teens.

Malachi and I dropped off John and went to get the perscription filled and finish getting the books and videos from the library. While at the library we ran into a friend, Tiana. Her husband Nick is also in John's class, so they live near us. They however don't have a car, so I offered a ride home. She was so gracious to stay in the car with Malachi while I picked up John's medicine. I hadn't eaten much that day, so I shouldn't have gone shopping. I ended up getting a few unnecessary items. But they'll provide tasty happiness, so I don't regret it!

This afternoon John let me sleep. And I slept for a long time! Tonight we had pizza from Pizza Hut. It was tasty. This weekend we have no plans. I like it that way.

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