Friday, August 21, 2009


I realize I've gone much longer between posts before, but I've blogged so much lately that I feel like six days is a really long time. I wonder if I haven't posted in almost a week because I don't feel like much has gone on the last few of days.

My good friend Mary in Dallas set me up with a friend of hers from Oklahoma that just moved to the area a short time ago. I met her and two of her friends and we went to an outlet mall where I did some Maternity shopping and got some stuff for the kitchen, Malachi, and John. It was fun, but quite exhausting. We were at the mall for about four hours. Malachi made some new friends that day while the moms were out. He had a great time.

We've had a mostly boring week besides that - unless I'm forgetting something (completely possible). This morning I made a Daily To Do List for Malachi because I often forget important things like brushing his teeth and reading the Bible. He's very interested in the latter, so I figure we can make it a daily activity. I also put on there to do crafts, learn colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. If I do get into the Chinese course with John we'll just be putting him into Pre-School, but if I don't get into Chinese, then I want to take care of this at home. It wouldn't make sense to pay someone to do it when I can. I'd like to make a trip soon to a teacher's supply store to pick up books to help him learn, and to help me teach him these things.

We have a fun weekend ahead of us, I've noticed that I tend to blog to the future, and I desire to not do that anymore. Therefore I wont be telling you what our fun weekend is going to be like. I'll end up telling you what our fun weekend was, when it's over.

Happy Friday everyone!


Deej said...

When do you find out if you got into Chinese class?

Sara said...

Hopefully soon but really I have no clue.