Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hot. Very, Very Hot.

I thought today we were going to get a cool down but I was very wrong. John got home from work very early today (before 3:00) so we decided to go mini golfing.

It went quickly. Malachi's not a fan of real mini golfing. Most of the time his ball was brought up to the hole so he can tap it right in. A couple of times the ball went right in the hole. We were so hot after doing that, that when we got home it was a no brainer that it was time to get in the pool.

The pool was sooooo nice! I was getting frustrated with the life guards who were spending a lot of time flirting with the four teenage girls in bikini's. I might actually put in a complaint.

After a little while in the pool five of John's co-workers (and all of them friends of ours) came to the pool after their run (oh how I wish I could run with them. I miss running so much). We hung out with them for a while and after we came home John and Malachi cooked dinner. It's now coming out of the oven, so I have to go eat Submarines (hot dogs rolled in crescent rolls), chips, and fresh pitted cherries. mmm...

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Z. Marie said...

Those lifeguards are horrible. Nice guys, but even when they're not drooling over bikini-clad teenagers they're listening to their iPods.