Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Church?

We may have found a church to call home for the next few months. It's been very hard for us the last seven months. Leaving our church in Dallas was heart breaking for me. I learned so much about God and myself there, I learned how to love others - especially my girls. Oh how I miss y'all! I met some of my best ever friends there.
The worship and the preaching there are amazing. Every church we go to from now on has a lot to live up to, so searching for a church is very difficult. Finally we decided we had to go out - church is so necessary. Even if we didn't like where we were going, at least we could say we tried.

So today we ventured to Arlington VA (really, really close to downtown) to attend Capital Life Church. We recognized the name of the Pastor, Bill Shuler, but couldn't figure out why - we still haven't. We dropped Malachi off at his class. He's so amazing - our son. We dropped him off with no problems. He's such a blessing to us.

We were making our way into the sanctuary (it actually meets at a performance theatre, but it's a great set-up) and we were stopped by the Pastor who chatted with us for a bit. He's a really nice guy. He was at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK for a long time. He and his family moved out to the DC area ten days before 9/11. God really used them to minister during that time and their church was born out of that. We learned that at their website yesterday, but it's interesting non the less.

Worship was great - no choir, but what can you do. ;) I really enjoyed it. The songs were Christ and Gospel centered and it was such a blessing to be singing worship to my Lord. The Pastor's wife, Lisa, did announcements this week (apparently they're normally done by video, but the leadership were all on retreat this weekend) and when she talked about the church - how it's a family, and the church's goals are to first love God and second love people I started crying. The way she was talking really reminded me of FOJ.

Bottom Line: Christ was there, the Gospel was shared, the Bible was used! This is much better than the last church we went to.

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